Thursday, January 07, 2016

The racism of Starbucks

Offensive. A statue of an African child wearing an imperialist hat is used to peddle coffee at a Starbucks store.   Click here more information.

Monday, November 24, 2014

We will not be satisfied until there is JUSTICE for Micheal Brown

We demand JUSTICE.

And JUSTICE we shall have.

For too long the racists and the racial injustice imposed upon the African people has gone on. Too many African men have been murdered and falsely imprisoned. Too many African women have been abused by the white man. Too many African families broken by slave owners and racial and economic injustice.

Micheal Brown was a young African man who was murdered by a racial injustice that was allowed breed and fester in the so-called "justice system" created by white system of oppression.

Micheal Brown was unarmed.

Micheal Brown was simply walking down the street.

Micheal Brown had his arms up in the air and the system murdered him.

We call upon all Africans, all people of color will rise up if JUSTICE is not delivered and served.

We ask our Leader, President Obama to demand justice and to punish the wicked.

Friday, October 10, 2014

It was the white man who created the Ebola virus

It is ironic that the white people in America are now suddenly fearful of the Ebola virus since it is something that was bio-engineered in American laboratories by white men.

This is not the first and only time that white America has used biological weapons against Africans and other people of color.

The first European whites that arrived in what became America introduced a variety of diseases to the indigenous peoples. Millions were killed. The American government gave disease-ridden blankets and clothes to the indigenous people and killed many more.

The American government injected Syphilis to Africans and later created crack-cocaine and infested American communities with it.

Ebola was created and designed in the 1970s to kill Africans on their homeland. The American government claims it is natural in origin yet it has been recently established that American scientists developed a vaccine against Ebola years ago. Two infected American "medical personnel" received injections of the vaccine and they started recovering immediately.

Why has this been made public only now? Why is it the USA that holds all the rights for the use of the vaccine? There can be two most obvious answers found to these questions.

As one can see, Ebola is a perfect biological weapon: it spreads quickly and gives nearly 100 percent mortality. Those having the life-saving vaccine can dictate any conditions to others.

The second answer is a purely commercial interest. It is enough to arrange panic with the help of the media, as it was the case with several epidemics before, such as avian flu. Afterwards, it will be possible to sell the life-saving medicine at any price.

In an effort to sow confusion and to divert people from the truth, the American medical industry "treated" an African man named Thomas Eric Duncan who was infected with Ebola. But he died despite their "best efforts".

The white people infected with Ebola recovered.

Does anything else need to be said?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

The shooting of Micheal Brown is an attack on our Leader

This is only year six of our Leader's era so we may be on the right path but the road ahead of us is a long one.

Our Leader, President Obama is bringing America to justice but the racial crimes America is guilty of are many.  And we know that even when a guilty person is brought to justice that person can still commit a crime and inflict harm.   We have seen this most recently with the shooting and murder of Michael Brown.

White police departments and militant groups are still upset that their Leader is a Son of Africa.   They still resist the TRUTH and still reject the path of justice.  But in the end, they will lose.

When a white man shoots and murders an African man anywhere, what is really doing to acting out a perverse and twisted fantasy of killing our Leader.

The racism of the white man is inherent and it can only be tempered with years of conditioning and education. That is why the road ahead while a long one it is a just one.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

No white man has the right to be critical of our Leader, President Obama

Our Leader defeats the lies of the white man 

When our Barack Obama took his place in 2009 as our Leader, many proclaimed that America could finally achieve economic, social and racial justice. I was among them and I still believe in our Leader and his ability to bring America to justice.

A society based on justice would be one where the capitalist exploiters no longer rule by institutionalized or structural racism, in which white supremacist policies and attitudes are propagated by the super-rich and, through various arms of state repression, imposed on the masses.

But has America become a society based on racial, social and economic justice? No, not yet. But we are making progress thanks to our Leader. Yes, we we know there is work to be done and our Leader knows this as well.

If you were to ask an Indigenous person barely subsisting on a reservation in America, an undocumented worker from Latin America or an African facing deportation, or an African-American in the rural South or Harlem, nine times out of ten the answer would be an emphatic “No.”

But thanks to our Leader we have hope. Something that did not exist in America before our Leader came to power.

Despite this truth, there are still those who ignore the facts and who dare to be critical of our Leader. We saw this again this week when a so-called "journalist" called Bill O'Reilly was granted the privilege to speak with our Leader. But what did this white man do? He was disrespectful to our Leader. He asked questions that are rooted in lies. But our Leader faced this tactics of deceit with dignity. Our Leader showed he is better than the deceitful white man. While white man tries to think of new plots of deception and lies our Leader is benignant and wise.

Our Leader will lift those who accept the truth with to justice. Those who do not accept the truth shall be left behind.