Saturday, September 30, 2006

The truth about Hurrican Katrina

Hurricanes are normally the result of natural elements but Katrina was generated by the Bush administration on his orders in July of 2005. Katrina was specifically directed to strike the Gulf Coast area with New Orleans being the center target. It is well documented that the American government has been working on weather control technology for decades. The name of this operation is "BlackOut" and it is STILL in effect and being carried out by the Bush administration.

Evidence of explosives devices being used on the levees was found after the Katrina attack and thousands of Africans were sent to the Superdome with the false promise that they would be taken care of there. Instead they were only given death.

The Katrina attack is one of the worst crimes of human history. I ask that anyone reading this who has information about the Katrina attack to contact me.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The racist legacy of Star Trek


Some people may not realize this but Star Trek is a racist program when it comes to people of African descent. And who created Star Trek? A white man did so this is no surprise.

We shall review the facts:

The original television series - The one African character, Uhura is nothing more than a telephone operator and note how she sits at the BACK of the bridge. She also protrayed as an object of lust.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The first Star Trek film released in 1979 features no new African characters which is odd considering that by the 23rd Century there will be over 6 billion Africans on Earth and less than a billion white people. Yet the Enterprise crew appears to 99.9% white.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan – This is one of the most despicable and racist of the Star Trek films. An African Starfleet captain played by the late Paul Winfield is captured by an evil white man and controlled like house slave with an alien slug placed in his brain. Later, after failing his “master”, Winfield’s character kills himself in shame for failing to serve the commands of his white master.

Star Trek: The Voyage Home – We learn in this film that the Federation of Planets (which is supposed to be diverse union of many races) is led by a white alien.

Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country – An African Starfleet Admiral played by the late Brock Peters is portrayed as being an evil, untrustworthy character.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – This new series has African actors play characters who are either blind (Geordi La Forge) with the temperament of a house slave or violent aliens such as Lieutenant Worf.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Star Trek manages to redeem itself somewhat with the character of Benjamin Sisko. The series begins with an evil pale alien creature refusing to help Sisko save his wife but at the end of the series it turns out his character is not really African at all but some kind of alien puppet whose fate is controlled by beings who appear to be white women.

Star Trek: Insurrection – In this Star Trek film, the Enterprise comes across and defends an all-white race who are being attacked by a darker skin tone people.

Star Trek: Nemesis - At the end of this film, Picard selects another white male to be his First Officer.

The face on the cereal box

A few months ago I was eating breakfast with an old colleague of mine when suddenly he said, "That is truly an evil looking man". I looked up in surprise and asked what he meant. "Look at this," he answered pointing to a Kellog cornflakes cereal box. "Have you seen a more evil looking being?"

He handed me the box and what I saw sent a chill down to my soul. There was a grainy black & white photo of Will Keith Kellogg on the side of the box. He appeared impish. I have seen many photos of capitalist white men who oppressed the masses but I had never seen one like this. His expression was cold and without any sign of human warmth. Kellogg's cold stare seemed to reach at me from the box and I had no doubt that this was a white man who hated Africans.

Here's a link to a photo of Kellogg (this is not the one on the cereal box. It does not appear to be available online):

"I must research this, Mamadou," I said. 'Kellogg made his fortune with this cereal and surely he must he have abused our people in some manner. What do you know of him?'

"I'm afraid I have no knowledge of this white man's crimes but I do not doubt they are out there to be found. If anyone can find out what they are, it is you, my friend." Mamadou answered.

And so I started my search of the truth about Will Keith Kellogg. I enlisted of the aid of my students. For extra credit, they would look into the history of Kellogg and the crimes he committed against the people of Africa. What they would find in the following weeks surprised even me.

I will post their findings here as soon as I have doublechecked their research.

The white lies behind the American flag

During one of my research visits to Library of Congress I came across information that would lead to facts that would shatter an old American myth: that Betsy Ross, a white woman, had sewn the first American flag.

Here’s the myth: In 1776 Ross was visited by George Washington who showed a design for a new American flag. Ross then created it and it eventaully became the flag known today as the stars and stripes.

There no historical record of such an occurrence. It is a fact that her husband, John Ross had African slaves on his land and among them were descendants of the African empires of the Mandinka and the Songhai. Among the many great skills of these Africans was their advanced knowledge of weaving. So great were their skills, many African Kings and Queens had their clothing made by them. In addition, it simply unlikely that a white person of European descent of this era would have had the skills needed to create a flag.

I searched the records and among the Africans held captive by John Ross was a woman known as “Oyo” which was a kingdom of Mandinka. I believe it was Oyo who created the flag and not Betsy Ross. I found a letter written by Ross in which he indicated that Oyo was used to fashion and repair clothing.

It is likely that the flag she created the new United States looked more like these current African flags:,1113926579,2.jpg

So great was (and is) the white man’s hatred for Africa, it only stands to reason that Washington, Ross and other whites perverted Oyo’s flag replaced the natural African colors with the harsh red, white and blue we see on the American flag today.

In other words, the American flag is a white lie.