Thursday, September 28, 2006

The face on the cereal box

A few months ago I was eating breakfast with an old colleague of mine when suddenly he said, "That is truly an evil looking man". I looked up in surprise and asked what he meant. "Look at this," he answered pointing to a Kellog cornflakes cereal box. "Have you seen a more evil looking being?"

He handed me the box and what I saw sent a chill down to my soul. There was a grainy black & white photo of Will Keith Kellogg on the side of the box. He appeared impish. I have seen many photos of capitalist white men who oppressed the masses but I had never seen one like this. His expression was cold and without any sign of human warmth. Kellogg's cold stare seemed to reach at me from the box and I had no doubt that this was a white man who hated Africans.

Here's a link to a photo of Kellogg (this is not the one on the cereal box. It does not appear to be available online):

"I must research this, Mamadou," I said. 'Kellogg made his fortune with this cereal and surely he must he have abused our people in some manner. What do you know of him?'

"I'm afraid I have no knowledge of this white man's crimes but I do not doubt they are out there to be found. If anyone can find out what they are, it is you, my friend." Mamadou answered.

And so I started my search of the truth about Will Keith Kellogg. I enlisted of the aid of my students. For extra credit, they would look into the history of Kellogg and the crimes he committed against the people of Africa. What they would find in the following weeks surprised even me.

I will post their findings here as soon as I have doublechecked their research.


Anonymous said...

The more I read, the DUMBER it gets!!
How in God's name did ANYONE hire you to teach ANY human being?

You are a DISGRACE to humanity

Anonymous said...

Don't judge a book by it's cover my man! Don't judge a person's history and reputation by his looks!

chucky said...

no records??..every ship kept a manifest of its cargo...don't be foolish...