Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Will Democrats finally bring Bush to justice for the 2005 Katrina attack?

Now that the Democrat party has regained power in the American political system one must ask if there will be justice.

In 2005, Bush committed one of the worst war crimes in history by ordering the Katrina attack on the Gulf Coast states. Thousands of Africans were killed or captured and shipped off to white America like slaves.

While Democrats are more favorable to Africans at least in a rhetorical sense, I am not very confident that we will see justice. But I ask all people of just mind and hearts to contact their local Democrat leader to demand justice.


Priest said...

Bush ordered a hurricane to kill black people, your joking right? or are you just that dumb....
what about when the africans did a rain dance and killed hundreds of innocent white people...
*shakes head*

McGee1214 said...

Among other things, not many people know that according to scientific studies, factual documentation, and eye witness reports that the earthquake that struck California in 1995 was actually caused by African American's. This was a deliberate attack on one of America's cities. It is said that this was revenge for the murder of the Black Panther's leaders.

Anonymous said...

That George Bush sure am smart!
He ordered Mother Nature to whip up a big ass hurricane and put a whoopin' on the whole gulf coast!

Do you actually BELIEVE the BULLSHIT that you post here?

Anonymous said...

Why the Internet exists for idiots like you to post stupid garbage like this is beyond me.

At least the world knows that no amount of education offered can educate morons like you.

Anonymous said...

....hmmm, you know that africans sold fellow africans as slaves, right? OR IS THAT A CONSPIRACY TOO?!

do you know that most of the developing countries in africa do aren't in deep poverty due to whites, but instead it is due to the fact of political unrest and a lacking of economic knowledge?

you know that there are other suppressed races in the world other than africans?

do you know that you're a complete biggot?

Anonymous said...

I got your point of the post ..

That is nothing compared to Bush wars allover the world ! millions have died & billions of $$$ of stolen Oil for US !!

what a shame