Thursday, March 29, 2007

White Deception, African Truth

I often remind my students that it is the ignorant African who is awed or inspired by things European. Much of African and world history has been largely reconstructed to serve the white agenda. The truth is what will rescue us from the white lies of history.

Any African who studies the history of his homeland and of his people will walk tall with justified pride. Any educated African can hold his own against anyone. No white scholar, no matter clever he or she may be with words, can deny the basic facts of history. Africa built the world’s greatest civilizations. No white man can take that away from us.

Africans have power and our greatest weapon is the truth.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The racism of “300”

Racism: Leonidas kicks an African to his death

My students have been concerned about this “300” film and for good reason. As a teacher of history I have taught them that the truth is always under attack by wicked men in power. And the white man has been in power and has been inflicting the world with his agenda of wickedness.

The ancient Greeks were perhaps the worse thieves in the history of the Earth. They robbed the people of Africa and took credit for African accomplishments. The Spartans were nothing more than shock troops that the Greeks used to raid our people. Yet this “300” film portrays them as noble heroes.

The world’s first and greatest civilizations were African. Africans were the first to develop written languages. Africans were first to master advanced mathematics and medicine. We build the great Pyramids in perfect alignment with the stars which we charted and explored.

Africans were also the first to sail the seas and we discovered the New World long before the white man could even build a raft.

This is the true history of world and it is this truth that gnaws the white man. When the white man first washed ashore upon African soil he realized that he was indeed inferior to Africans. Even the primitive mind of the early white men understood that Africa was a majestic place of achievement and glory. But the white man would have you think that he is responsible for written language, art, math, science, medicine and philosophy. The so-called Greek philosophers called Socrates, Plato and Aristotle stole from the Egyptian high priests and took credit for what Africans created. What you read about those Greeks is lies.

Africans treated the early white men as lost children so we took pity on them. We taught them how to speak and how to use basic tools. With this knowledge, we had hope that the white men would become a friendly companion to Africa. Little did we know that white men, armed with African knowledge would come back to attack us.

The first blow to the African civilization was when "Alexander the Great" invaded Africa in 333 BC. The first thing Alexander did was to plunder and destroy the Royal Egyptian Libraries and temples. He did this to hide the truth. This thievery led to Imhotep to lose credit for the discoveries in the area of science. He is the father of modern medicine and not Hippocrates

The white man first attacked us with war and then with slavery. The white man then stole the history of our people and claimed credit for what we built. And now the white man attacks us with lies and deception

In “300” for example, Xerxes is portrayed by a Brazilian actor yet is made up to appear as an effeminate, scheming African man. To add insult to injury, the Xerxes of 300 is shown having the same violent and invading nature of the white man. This is history being turned upside down: the African is shown to be the invader and the white man as the victim.

The Greek warmonger Leonidas murders Africans by kicking them into pits. This is a sign of contempt for Africa and it underscores the white man’s desire to rid the world of all Africans.