Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The racism of “300”

Racism: Leonidas kicks an African to his death

My students have been concerned about this “300” film and for good reason. As a teacher of history I have taught them that the truth is always under attack by wicked men in power. And the white man has been in power and has been inflicting the world with his agenda of wickedness.

The ancient Greeks were perhaps the worse thieves in the history of the Earth. They robbed the people of Africa and took credit for African accomplishments. The Spartans were nothing more than shock troops that the Greeks used to raid our people. Yet this “300” film portrays them as noble heroes.

The world’s first and greatest civilizations were African. Africans were the first to develop written languages. Africans were first to master advanced mathematics and medicine. We build the great Pyramids in perfect alignment with the stars which we charted and explored.

Africans were also the first to sail the seas and we discovered the New World long before the white man could even build a raft.

This is the true history of world and it is this truth that gnaws the white man. When the white man first washed ashore upon African soil he realized that he was indeed inferior to Africans. Even the primitive mind of the early white men understood that Africa was a majestic place of achievement and glory. But the white man would have you think that he is responsible for written language, art, math, science, medicine and philosophy. The so-called Greek philosophers called Socrates, Plato and Aristotle stole from the Egyptian high priests and took credit for what Africans created. What you read about those Greeks is lies.

Africans treated the early white men as lost children so we took pity on them. We taught them how to speak and how to use basic tools. With this knowledge, we had hope that the white men would become a friendly companion to Africa. Little did we know that white men, armed with African knowledge would come back to attack us.

The first blow to the African civilization was when "Alexander the Great" invaded Africa in 333 BC. The first thing Alexander did was to plunder and destroy the Royal Egyptian Libraries and temples. He did this to hide the truth. This thievery led to Imhotep to lose credit for the discoveries in the area of science. He is the father of modern medicine and not Hippocrates

The white man first attacked us with war and then with slavery. The white man then stole the history of our people and claimed credit for what we built. And now the white man attacks us with lies and deception

In “300” for example, Xerxes is portrayed by a Brazilian actor yet is made up to appear as an effeminate, scheming African man. To add insult to injury, the Xerxes of 300 is shown having the same violent and invading nature of the white man. This is history being turned upside down: the African is shown to be the invader and the white man as the victim.

The Greek warmonger Leonidas murders Africans by kicking them into pits. This is a sign of contempt for Africa and it underscores the white man’s desire to rid the world of all Africans.


Cynical said...

Thank you for your analysis of 300

Jimmy said...

Well, that was stupid. Leave up to people like you to find "racism" in every god damn little thing.

You are your own bane.

Anonymous said...

Dude. It's a movie.

Anonymous said...

kill yourself please

Anonymous said...

Did you see the WHOLE movie? Or just that one part when Leonidas kicks the messager down the pit? And you do know it's an adaption of a comic book right? The only reason the messager is African is because he is in the the comic.

Anonymous said...

The Greek warmonger Leonidas murders Africans by kicking them into pits. This is a sign of contempt for Africa and it underscores the white man’s desire to rid the world of all Africans.

Actually, we just want to rid the world of you.

Tom said...

Since you claim to be a scholar and a professor, I would hope that you teach your students to thoroughly research their arguments and avoid drastically over-generalizing statements to maintain the integrity of their work.

Unfortunately, if you do teach your students these elementary concepts, you don't follow them yourself.

Regardless of the fact that the movie is fictional, the man who is kicked into the well by Leonidas is killed because he threatens the Spartans on behalf of Persia; his race has nothing to do with it, and the rest of his party (which includes white men) is also killed.

Yes, some of the facts about African culture are true, but many are horribly incorrect or merely theories. The first culture to develop written language was the Sumerians, who lived in the Fertile Crescent, not in Africa. It has been posited that Africans might have arrived in the "New World" before Europeans, but these claims are largely founded on shaky archaeological evidence. (Another book hypothesized that the first beings to colonize the New World were aliens. That does not make it true.)

And just out of respect for your fellow human beings (for when it comes down to it, color is only on the surface, right?) avoid using "the white man" to refer to every light-skinned person. The acts you describe are cruel and reprehensible, but they are the acts of specific people and not of an entire race.

(I could write an equally outraged entry about how language such as "the white man" and the "African man" perpetuates sexist attitudes and the male domination which has unjustly oppressed women since the beginning of civilization....but I won't.)

Just some things to think about.

Anonymous said...

Man Frank Miller most really hate blacks, Jews, and ever other race. I say we boycott all his work and any movies based off his work from this point on.

Oh wait you mean this is based of a comic book. My bad I did not know that people thought that comics could teach you about history.

Anonymous said...

Your belief in racism only perpetuates lies and hatred. You do NOTHING to contribute to the good in the world.

I grew up with full tolerance and love of multiculturalism.

Open your eyes and your heart, you might be surprised to see the real world is much more open and tolerant than your racist self.

Anonymous said...

It's a movie. Go make a movie about Etruscans killing Romans if you're so pissed about it.

curt said...

The above posts do an excellent job highlighting the white mans hostility to any attempt at African pride.

Do you notice how on the one hand they attack, yet in the same breath get defensive and act like THEY are the victims?
This is the oldest trick in their arsenal.

Next they question your historical accuracy, then dismiss the movie of any wrong doing because its based around a comic.

This is a classic "bait and switch" technique. The truth needs to get out here, its a shame this rabble insists on squandering it.

curt said...

Thoughtful post by the way!


Anonymous said...

Um, Xerxes was PERSIAN. Near East, not African. The Greeks and the Romans had a high respect for Carthage and Egypt. They knew their accomplishments.

First cultures, writings, big civilizations were in the Near East, along the fertile crescent. The Indus River Valley in Northern India is another place of early civilization. In Ethiopia there was a culture, named Aksum, that flourished for 500 years about the first century CE. There are also those in Zimbabwe in the 11th Century CE. A great many things come from Africa and a Eurocentric study of history is usually a bad thing because it takes everything out of context.

The guy he threw into the pit, was put there because of the words and deeds of him, not because of his skin color. Slavery in the early part of the world had nothing, I repeat NOTHING to do with race and everything to do with POW's. In Rome you were as likely to find a British slave as an African one.

Every issue is not black and white. In fact it is mostly always gray. Perpetuating such hate is disgraceful. I will admit that the playing field for America is not level, but it's not level for anyone but the upper echelon. Middle class and lower class citizens of all races have more issues pulling ahead than your upper classes. Race is an issue, but in this case of a simple movie, it is not. Put race and race relations into actual context where it matters. Talk about the disparity of schools and poor and rich districts. Talk about the lack of minorities and women in power. Let's get some meaningful talks going not just pointless shit about a movie that is completely inaccurate and admits to being so.

Anonymous said...

Shut up, you smelly ol' nigger. Nobody cares about your opinion exept you and your smelly ol' nigger pals.

You must really be low on fried chicken and water melon to find the time to have written all this garbage.

I still have slaves, and I think I'm going to name my newest one after you. Nigger.

btw, Jesus was not black... If that were the case, then he'd have been a nigger and I wouldn't have him dying on a cross above my bed.

Sean said...

I just read your other posts, so I'm pretty your little blog you have hear is a joke. Looks to me like you just want to get a rise out of people. If not, then you're just a racist.

Anonymous said...

Great opinion dude. Go meet Oprah.

Anonymous said...

you should meet reverend al sharpton, bet you could be best friends


Anonymous said...

uhmmmm a few things

how come you guys get mad when your "excluded" (rights such as voting etc.) if black people were excluded from films i think you would make a little blog about it...

there's no racism in 300, because its a movie

there's no racism in 300, because it's a movie about a war

there's no racism in 300, because it's not a movie about racism

why dont you post a blog comment on how queen gorgo was treated by your little pit allie? isnt that sexist or racist?

why are you wasting your time hating on a MOVIE, you CHOOSE to see it, if you walked into that theatre watching every cut waiting for a racist underlying theme, your INSANE, its people like you that make me sick. movies are for entertainment, and inspiration

its not artistic masterbation, its a business, studios are trying to make money... if you are so against racism, why do you look for it everywhere?



stop taking it seriously bub

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

LMAO come on... I think you're pretty stupid. And they should kick YOU to death.

Lucas said...
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Jason said...

Fiirst off I will say that I am sorry for any misinterpretations I have had with your post, but the threat of misunderstanding is something expression always has and always will have a problem with. Also, I do not have credentials to say I am overly knowledgable about history, but I will state my opinion and thoughts anyway.

I agree that truth has been under attack for as long as time has existed. Facts are scewed, ideas are changed, and documentation destroyed, but the fight to find truth is what is important. What you say may be right. You may be telling me the absolute truth about the qworld and this movie, but it is my duty as a living being to question what you say and challenge what we would all consider as truth.

This movie does portray Spartans as heroes, though the people that take it a step further and say that the are perfect are extremists. The beauty of films is that they capture the good elements of one side and the bad of another and clash them together to help people try to understand what values in life they want to replicate. The Spartans in the movie were diligent and stood up for their beliefs even when their lives were at stake. I feel sorry for people that see this film and try to equate it to a retelling of history because that just means that the line betwen fiction and reality is becoming more and more blurred over time.

I am happy that you are proud to be African but I have no reason to tae your word as truth when you boast about the many accomplishments Africans have. I think the reason that so many people ignore your boasts though is the lack of either the documentation of such events or the lack of the spreading of knowledge on that subject. Not to say you are wrong, but just to say that without more hard evidence, people are inclined to believe only what they want to believe. Religion is the greatest showing of that. I know that many documents were destoryed over time for many reasons, but just because something is written doesn't mean it is true. I feel sad that so many opinions and details were destroyed in such a way, but to mourn over it and get angry over it is a waste of time. We live life by what we sense and learn today, not by what someone tells us about yesterday.

I hope you do not yell at people for being racist because hypocrites never succeed very well. Over generalizing your statements can be a dangerous practice and if you go too far, then you yourself are spreading deception and lies. The film may have portrayed certain things about people in a negative aspect, but with no enemy, there can be no hero. So they have made someone to look a certain way, that is fine because all we have on the subject is speculation and interpretation. I have never met Leonidas or Xerxes, and cannot say if the interpretation is right or wrong so I don't take it as truth. I take it as idea. Also, to say that ever single African has never had the desire to invade is so generalized that you make yourself look foolish by saying it. You may have valid points and some of them may be truth but they may also be lies. That is for everyone to decide for themselves. Without experiencing it, the past is ambiguous and indescernable.

Finally. your symbolism of Leonidas kicking the messenger into the hole as a message that white people want to rid the world of Africans is a far leap. Though I think symbolism changes from person to person, I can't say that I have any ability to equate the action to your understanding of its meaning. You see what you want to see. It is not the film that angers you, it is you that angers you. You have the control over mind, body, and spirit so I suggest you ask yourself if the action f kicking the man down the hole bothers you or if what you think it represents bothers you.

If you wish to chat more on the subject then you can e-mail me at darunzahn@hotmail.com
If I have offended you then it is without intention that I have done so. Merely stating my opinion, much the same as you have done yours. Good night everyone.

Anonymous said...

As a professor to a "teacher", all I have to say is: thanks for not being a part of the problem. Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

This blog is comedy gold from start to finish! LOL If this guy really is a teacher, his students must all lose 10-15 IQ points just by attending his class. I would, however, pay to see him at the Comedy Club.

But, I suspect he's just a troll, and probably a white troll at that, because NOBODY could make blacks look worse than this guy. Holy crap this site is funny.

GeorgeAndMartha said...

I definitely agree and consider your statements about the gross inaccuracy of this film relevant. Obviously, spartans were not lead by a scottish general, and well, that is the least of it. To depict spartans as freedom-loving is ridiculous, just as the obvious unspoken reference that the americans are the spartans, so freedom-loving, and the persians are the "terrorists."

But you are making some sweeping generalizations yourself about africans. All of the knowledge, invention, and civilization that has existed has been created by a few people from all cultures. Most people don't do much of anything but take what is available. No race can take claim for a brilliant discovery.

This was an incredible movie, and I just can not base my decisions on those people in the world ignorant enough to believe something just because it is in a movie. Those who can not handle the type of freedom within the art world should stay far away.

Kristall said...
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Anonymous said...

I'll keep this brief and if you are a professor I hope you can contemplate it in truth rather than ignorance:

The only reason racism exists today is because people such as yourself make it so.

Anonymous said...

this is some of the funniest stuff i have ever seen posted on the web.

Anonymous said...

Brillant anaylsis professor. Stay strong and keep up the good work.
What are your views on St. Patrick's Day and Easter?

Anonymous said...

Dear God, I hope this whole blog is a joke and you're really not this stupid.

Anonymous said...

Do you get paid by the KKK, or do you make black people look like idiots for free?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the best laugh I've had all week.

Katie said...

Wow! Have you ever heard of reverse racism? You think its all the "white man" oppressing you.. well thats crap that has nothing to do with this movie. The one part of this film that really involves Africans is when he kicks the messenger and that has nothing to do with the fact that he's an African. You are a racist yourself so you have no room to talk and your little history lesson is a kinda shady.. trying reading "Guns Germs and Steel"

B.T.W. Curt your a racist too. Talking about "its the oldest trick in their arsenal". You stupid Asshole.

Katie said...

I really wish I could meet you in person because I just can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that there are really people as stupid as you out there in the world. You are the racist. You obviously hate white people. "The world's greatest leaders and thinkers have always been African".. wow thats just plain IGNORANCE. How you are a teacher I have no idea. I pity your students because they are taught by someone so narrow-minded and prejudice. There is a way to have pride in your culture without demeaning others. You need to learn that.

If you happen to read this please message me on my Myspace. I would like to futher explain your wrong-ness.

Anonymous said...

holy shit!!! you're just one dumb fucker who pulls out the race card every single chance you get. i see people of asian and middle eastern descent being killed in that movie, yet i dont see chinks and towelheads bitching like you cumguzzlers. IT'S A FUCKING MOVIE; DEAL WITH IT!!!

Anonymous said...

u do know that saying white people are racist is a racist statement

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, YOUR people are really making a positive impact on society(hint hint: sarcasm)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The mindset displayed on this website is the reason the Rwandan and Darfur genocides have happened. Africa and the Middle East have yet to develop a sense of humor or a sense of irony. Without these crucial traits, too many people become mindless ideologues and the truth goes out the window.

Check out this article from today's CNN and tell me again how great Africa is: http://www.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/africa/03/21/Somalia.reut/index.html

Curt said...

"B.T.W. Curt your a racist too. Talking about "its the oldest trick in their arsenal". You stupid Asshole. "

Whoever said ignorance is bliss obviously never came into contact with Katie.

It IS the oldest trick in the racists arsenal and you just proved it.
I criticize how the racist posters act like somehow they are a victim. Like a typical racist you (katie) resort to name calling rather than address the issue at hand. You've got a long way to go before engaging in any meaningful discussion.

Based on many of the above posts it is clear many are insecure about their own tolerance.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Africans are so advanced and civilized that African Nations are constantly waring and destroying their own peoples and culture. Famine is more common in africa than in any other continent. If you really believe in truth...then display it with real evidence, not rambings over a hollywood dramatization.

Curt said...

The basis for any conflict in Africa is rooted in imperialist whites trying to pit neighbors against each other. European descendents owe reparations for the hundreds of years of exploitation.
This "first world" lifestyle they enjoy didn't come cheap.


Anonymous said...

This cite is racist you idiots

Anonymous said...

What did you say you are teaching?

Find something alse for your living and ... teacher (!!!) leave the kids alone so they 'll be saved.
Hollywood and its 300, is a counterexample to misjudge History by fake and fanatic theories.

Anonymous said...

FIND A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greek said...

You are stupid!

You are also teacher? God helps children from you!!!

Είσαι μαλάκας ρε!!! Πολύ μαλάκας! Πάρα πολύ μαλάκας! Είσαι παρα παρα πολύ μεγάλος μεγάλος μαλάκας!

You make me laughing με τις μαλακίες που γράφεις!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha you stupid fascists you crazy racists. You speak for the Greeks you that you have nothing to do with civilazation. Do something good for the world. STOP SPEAKING AND GO BACK TO AFRICA with the monkeys and the elephants

Strat said...

If you are a teacher I am the Pope of Rome. You are both a racist and a misanthrope. Go get your feet washed immediately and then wash your mouth too, before saying anything about Hellas and Hellenes.

AKRATOS said...

Yes yes! TRUTH FIRST. The Truth must always come first. The African people were the first people on Earth. We created the world's greatest civilizations and learned the ways of the universe. We were Kings and Queens and we explored the world. We must never forget this. Africa is our motherland. TRUTH FIRST always. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! "The world’s first and greatest civilizations were African. Africans were the first to develop written languages. Africans were first to master advanced mathematics and medicine. We build the great Pyramids in perfect alignment with the stars which we charted and explored".
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The so-called Greek philosophers called Socrates, Plato and Aristotle WERE BLACK MEN TOO!!! THE REAL NAMES WAS "OYGA-OYGA" , "MOOGA-MOOGA", AND "NOYAMOGOYDE-GKOUNTOYMOYDOYGKOYE".!!! The first thing Alexander did was to plunder and destroy the Royal Egyptian Libraries and temples. HE ALSO TRANSFER THE AKROPOLIS TEMPLE WHITH HIS SPACESHIP TO ATHENS!!! AND THIS BAD WHITE MAN THE SO-CALLED "SUPERMAN" TRANSFER THE REST TEMPLES OUT OF AFRICA. HE ALSO DESTROYED ALL REMAINING HOUSES AND BUILDINGS. Africans were also the first to sail the seas and we discovered the New World long before the white man could even build a raft. YES YES!!! BLACK MEN ALSO DEVELOPED THE ELECTRICITY , THE TELEPHONE, THE CAR, THE CLOTHES, THE FIRST AIR PLANE WAS DISCOVERED BY A BLACK MAN , THE "KOONTA KINTEE-RIGHT" , AND ALL BLACK MEN CAN FLY AS FAR AS THE STARS. This is the true history of world and it is this truth that gnaws the white man.YES. Africans introduced the Chinese to advanced mathematics and medicine while the Chinese introduced silk to Africa.
YES. This has been a very busy month. The rest as they say is history. Among all peoples on Earth, Africans are the most beautiful, the most creative and the most just of all people. YES. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! THE LIE begins with the cover-up to hide the true identity of Jesus who was a black African philospher. YES YES!! GOD HELP US! White men must have seen Africans using their air gliders to travel from place to place. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! My students have been concerned about ME, BUT......TRUTH FIRST always..............

Anonymous said...

No niggers were harmed in this movie.

Visitor said...

"They robbed the people of Africa and took credit for African accomplishments"??? When, what, how? Please read some history books and study about new findings in archeology....

Greek civilization (cities, writing etc) began at least 9.000 years ago according to archeology.
Also what did they stole? Bananas?

About Alexander the Great: He free the Aigyptians from Persian-Carhidonian rule. The same thing tried to do some years ago other Greek city states.

As for the film you are somehow right. The film saws Persians as black people but every one knows that Persians were Aryan.
As for the rest the film was right: Persians invaded Greece with Mides, Aryans, Africans (Ethiopians), Jews, Arabs etc and had about 300.000 Greek traitors with them.

Thanks for reading

keithborg@yahoo.com said...

Damn, you are a mean little man. What's the matter sweetie? Not getting any respect from the wife so you have to sprew your racist crap out here in the 'net? Poor little man. I do feel sorry for you. Thankfully we are growing away from people like you and your KKK friends. (Same coin different side.) I'm white and I don't hate you. But I sure am laughing my lilly white ass off at ya! Bye-bye for now sweetie pie.

Anonymous said...

And it's Africans who are suffering in the world today, who we are giving money too (quite rightly so). Quit looking back. Look forward.

Anonymous said...

No your an idiot, the emissary is killed because he threatened Leonidus's life, family and people, not because he is black.

You are making a stupid bigoted post about the massive chip on your shoulder. Do you think the world owes you something because you are black and some bad things happened to africans in the past?

Big deal bad things happened to alot of people get over it.

Incidentally I showed this to one of my best friends who is black (Jamiacan but his ancestors were brought from Africa due to the slave trade) and he thought it was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard.

So i conclude with the following statements

You need professional help
You are not a teacher you are a fool
Keep your bigoted ideas off the internet theres enough filth on it already

Anonymous said...

I understand your feeling & there is nothing wrong with expressing your opinion. However, I think that the movie has more racism against Persia & Asia than Africa.

Keep on expressing yourself, but don't spoil your students.

One serious advice, Go & find yourself Muslim friends, they will help you get over your paranoia.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!

Anonymous said...

"This is racist!"


Anonymous said...

By your thinking, the film "Glory" is also racist ebcause it portrays black people killing white people. Oh, hang on, I forgot that racism in your eyes is only ever white versus black and if it happens the other way around it's just a fight.

Anonymous said...

im sorry, but that was a very funny rant.
first off - xerxes was supposed to be black? i didnt realize that, i was too busy focusing on the frickin movie.
second - not just africans die in 300. most people die in 300.
and third - its not like leonidous (sp?) says the n word before he kicks the messenger into the well.

so stop whining about this movie, its just a movie - based on a comic book, i might add. it's fiction. do you think that there was really a giant ogre, or fat thingy with scissors for arms? it's fiction. deal with it.

FRANK said...

I think the movie is a travesty and insults Greeks or Hellenes - quite contrary to your polemic which tends to reflect African American issues with White Europeans - Hellenes never considered themselves white - the adoption of Hellenisism by colonialist in England, France, Germany, US etc in the 17th - 19th Century has maligned Hellenism. In reality, Greeks were colour blind - Aesop was African, it is even suggested that Socrates was African. Tom McEvelly reveals that the Ancient Greeks were not culturally different from the Persians or Medes. I suggest you do not infuse you African -American values on Ancient Greeks. In fact one of the most ancient Greek Orthodox Churches of the Byzantium was in Ethiopia. Ancient Greeks painted their statues in a diversity of colours and tones - it was the later colonialists from the UK etc that found bleaches statues and imbued their own racial fantasies on Ancient Greeks

FRANK said...

Dear Sir

I really think that Pan Africanism however important should not colour your political and ideological views to such a degree that you can no longer understand or comprehend history. It is the fundamental Hellenic ideals of democracy, tyranny, citizen states, citizen militias which have been taken by all, regardless of colour and used - one way or another for their own purposes. Lest we forget that it was the Egyptians which enslaved the Sudanese, and that slavery as another contributor has written was not colour based in the Ancient world. Lest we forget that the Zulus were very similar to the Spartans in the 18th Century onwards - enslaving whole sections of South Western Africa. We are all human beings as we Hellenes say Anthropoi or Humans.

Anonymous said...

just because a non african person kicks an african that does not mean its racism.its people like you who make everything be about racism.
also the greeks did not steal your histoty,my friend they made their own history and problebly the greatest history in the world. you my friend are very ignorant and possibly un educated.

Anonymous said...

eisai malakas.

zito ellas!

Anonymous said...

this is interesting, if Africans started the world and you say that the Greeks are theives why aren't the "africans" running the world or becuase you learnt from the greeks and other europeans cultures that you realise that you cannot compete with the White Man. and why are you called Africans and not Black, you take offense to it we do not. get over self your a pathetic person with too much time on your hands. LONG LIVE THE GREEKS, and they will!!!!

Anonymous said...

The basis for any conflict in Africa is rooted in imperialist whites trying to pit neighbors against each other. European descendents owe reparations for the hundreds of years of exploitation.
This "first world" lifestyle they enjoy didn't come cheap.

But if Africans are so smart, why not allie and fight the white man? No, wait, I know. It's the devil's propaganda. Though, here's my final question: If Africans are so civilized and peaceful and advanced, wouldn't they see through the manipulation? Wouldn't they have never fallen for it in the first place? When/how did the white man take over when obviously the black man was so much farther along?

And Curt, the first trick to racism is dehumanize your enemy. Bait and switch is business.

^^ said...


slayer425 said...

You claim to speak the truth. And I must say, you write a lot more coherently than others who claim to do so. You're educated and are able to write in a coherent and attention-grabbing manner. However, what you see as "truth" is actually a skewed distortion of a reality where everything contains subtle racist themes and social/political statements.

You spend less time saying the movie is racist, and more time with history lessons. However, this movie is far from historically accurate, and the creators even claim so. Nor is this a movie about Alexander the Great, nor a quest to rewrite history for the glory of the white man. Instead, it's a movie, meant for entertainment and to watch a bunch of bloody battles for a couple hours.

In a single scene, a black guy fell into a pit. But this was not racist; this was an act of war. Were the actor Latino, would that mean the movie promotes racism against Latin America? I'm sure someone would complain that. But it isn't. It's war. He was killed because he was the enemy. Not because he was black. Because he was the enemy of Sparta, and thus was killed.

I'm a metalhead. Because there are few black guys in metal, and the only black guy in my music collection is Jimi Hendrix, am I thus racist for only listening to the music of one black guy? If I have no black friends (I do, this is just an example), does that make me a racist? No.

You need to stop focusing so much on imaginary problems and focus on the other end of things; that daily black people in the media are portrayed as criminals. And this isn't the work of white people. This is the work of rappers who go on TV talking about their imaginary hos and how they're gangsters. It's easy to blame white guys for statements they aren't making, but what about the real sources of prejudice and stereotypes being portrayed by black guys? If you stopped applying a small patch of reality to the entire picture, you'll see most of the problem comes from popular culture that black people perpetuate.

By the same token, the problem is no longer simply racism. There are still issues, but the grander picture encompasses everyone. As big business and politicians get richer, this problem gets deeper; the inherent discrimination of the middle and lower classes by capitalist fascism. That's the government. And it's out to get more money. It's out to push us further back into the shadows, to ignore us and let us suffer as they continue to swim in money. Bush didn't do anything about Katrina not because of black people, but because it would involve giving his money to the poor. And he doesn't want that.

I'm sad to see that as a teacher, your distorted truth is continually spread to your students, as focusing on non-existing statements only further establishes the differences that people like Malcolm X fought against. In fact, you're simply reversing what slave owners said, and countering with black supremist writings and subtle racist comments that further hypocritize what you say.

Anonymous said...

Go back to Liberia.

Ramenudle said...

Wow. Dumbass. I love that you whine about racism and how "the white man's bringing you down" and how he always tells lies and generalizes, but you're a fucking hypocrite since you're doing the exact thing that you so declaim.

So, what is it with your hatred of white people? Such hate that you make cruel generalizations about the Greeks, the culture on which the western world is founded. (and to think, if the Spartans had lost at Thermopylae, I might not have to read this shit...) Have you been enslaved or discriminated against in America? In all likelihood, no. Slavery hasn't existed for about 150 years and now civil rights apply to all races and sexes.

In all likelihood, you have just been bred to believe in these lies - and if they aren't lies they can't be proven as fact since they are all hypotheses. Most of the accomplishments you attribute to Africans are Egyptian, who dissociate themselves from African culture most of the time and are more similar to Middle Eastern cultures. African civilization wasn't the first - Mesopotamia was the first known civilization ,and they were the first to develop a written language. And as for who discovered America first, it was clearly the Native Americans, who were there before anyone else.

As for what the Greeks accomplished in total - whether or not they were thieves - and whether or not they made such a brave stand at Thermopylae, we know that they had great thinking minds, were the first to implement a democratic government, and influenced world culture for the next 3000 years. Maybe the Africans did that too, but at least the Greeks left records of it.

Also, if you were such a history buff, you'd know the "white man" didn't have access to the majority of Africa until the late 19th century, so you can't say "we" were ignorant of African culture for so long. Stop generalizing the "white man" - I have no control over what my white ancestors did to black people hundreds of years ago, if they even did anything at all.

I also love that you point out the one black man who's kicked into a pit, and don't mention the fact that 22000 Persians are also slain, dismembered, and disemboweled in the movie. Oh, but that doesn't matter, because they're not African.

As for what you said about Xerxes, what the fuck. Effeminate, but how the fuck is he made to look African? You're reading into a movie way too much - a movie based on a COMIC BOOK.

Keep bawling and whining about ignorance. It'll be just like watching the Special Olympics - whatever you say or do, you'll end up looking retarded.

Anonymous said...

"And the white man has been in power and has been inflicting the world with his agenda of wickedness."

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure that is a racist comment.

Mr Baw Jaws said...

Hahahah - brillaint stuff mate.

I love the irony of your own racism that you wear like metal collar round your neck.

You daft cunt.

Anonymous said...

My good black mate from Jamaica often used this words on situations like this: ''you stupid black cunt''

Anonymous said...

If Africans are such the purveyors of civilisation, advancement and ideas, why do they lag behind so far in comparison to other cultures? Wait, I know, whitey stole it. LOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

Wow fif you get your degree on E-bay?

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell what school you teach at. I seriously want to drop in on a lesson. Or wont i be able to understand, me being white and all.

Anonymous said...

'Xerxes of 300 is shown having the same violent and invading nature of the white man.'

How the hell do you build up an empire that encompasses 3/4 of the known world without being violent and invading other countries. Your the teacher, please tell me.

Anonymous said...

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