Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Glory of Africa

For thousands of years Africans were Kings and Queens, scientists and philosophers, builders and explorers. Africans today have an obligation to remember their ancestors and honor what they accomplished.


SuperNintendoChalmers said...

I hope you know that the Egyptians used black people as slaves. Where they racist, too? LOL YOUR BLOGS ARE FUCKING FUNNY!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Egyptians actually didn't have Black slaves, that is a myth. Do your research and stop watching movies to learn facts about Black people.

Also even the most evil Afrikan practice of slavery is not comparable to the racism of the devils that manifest themselves as white people. No worries though, the white order is soon to fall and whites are now having trouble existing because there time is up!

Anonymous said...

this is fucking retarded, egyptians, berbers, Phoenicians, Carthaginians - ie - North africans, are not black, and have more in common with other Mediterranean and middle eastern cultures and peoples than they do with blacks from southern and central Africa.

Anonymous said...

Oh my this is why we have trouble today! ignorance. read a book people , know the facts JESUS was black, quote me if im wrong, in his discription , his skin was cooper tone and his hair was of wool. Ive never seen a WHITE person every look that way naturally! tanning beds and perms are the only thing that makes them near it! so its time to recognize who are the true kings and queens, bow down or we'll soon have your heads!

hahajohnnyb said...

Who has ever said that Jesus was white? Jesus was Jewish.

So what are we to believe that the Egyptians never kept African Negro slaves, and both the Jews and the Egyptians were blacks, huh?

The Jews were kept as slaves in Egypt for 400 years, the entire premise of the Exodus was to escape Egyptian Slavery. If the jews were black Africans then the Egyptians definately kept Black Africans as slaves.

If the Jews were not blacks, but Hebrew as everyone with an IQ over 70 knows, then the Eqyptians could not have possibly been black because Moses was raised by the Egyptians and he mostly blended with them. This is in the Bible.

If both the Egyptians and Jews were blacks, which is an absurd notion based on Egyptian art work, mummies and other anthropological evidence, but if they were, then blacks kept negro slaves themselves and cannot make moral judgement calls decrying african slavery.

Blacks in America were better off as slaves than they would have been as free Africans, because most of them would have ended up dying in tribal warfare, famine or disease had they not been rescued by slavery. The descendents of Africans slaves should be thankful to the historic slave traders of old because if it were not for that historic experience, they would not exist, and if they did exist it would be in Africa which is a shithole. Blacks are much better off here in America, then they are in Africa.

Why do you dumb negros think that we non-negros need to do research on this subject, and what sort of research would you have us do? Perhaps you would like for us to study the work of Afrocentrics, who no serious acedemics consider as anything more than political propagandists and the progenators of black religious mythology. Perhaps a better solutions is for you guys to accept the fact that you are just not as smart the more evolved members of your species, and learn a bit of humility and gratitude towards your superior races.

w david malone said...

Truth first... as a white man, I can say that your skin color is beautiful and I am glad that you are proud of your race's accomplishments. I can also see that many of your claims are based on the religion of Afro-centrism. The historicity of the facts you claim are unsupported by objective standards.

Such unsupportable comments and bias attract vermin from folk filled with hate... just see what 'anonymous' spewed!

Do brothers find their commonality in skin color??? Let me stand next to a man of any color, who is honorable, responsible, brave, compassionate, honest, loyal, a champion of the down-trodden and the unborn; that person is my brother!

Stephen C. Tuggle said...

I would like to agree with Mr. Malone, but I would like to disagree that Egyptians and any other African people did not keep black slaves. When the Islamic faith came to Africa in the mid 700's ??, those who converted to Islam would take slaves out of those who did not convert to Islam, namely the Christian and Pagan populations, which were black.

Instead of telling people to "do their research," I would advise you to do YOUR research first.

David Malone said...

You must have me confused or I guess i don't understand what you are saying. Are you saying you do agree with me but you disagree with what someone else said? The things you say about doing research shouldn't be directed towards me. I never said anythin g of the kind. I simply said the the historical evidence for your afro-centric is speculative at best and at misleading at the worst.

Anonymous said...

who ever typed nigger is wrong a black person shouldn't be called a nigger. no race should be called a mean name like that. if this website showed white history and a black person typed cracker you would be very upset and say the person should be punished . so please typed down something that you know is mean and disrespectful to any one or any race. also should it matter if Jesus was black or white or any other race at that he is our lord and savior he died for everyone's sins he didn't care if they were black or white because he loved ALL races. cause if he did care about the races he died for some of us would be burning in hell. also for the person who said that the Egyptians used black people as slaves the question i want to ask you is were you living in that time period? who knows they could have used white or no slaves at all!!!!! also i didn't think that blog was funny!!!! all of you who wrote this stuff should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"The Glory of Africa". Nice title for the picture that depicts the Pharoah and his Queen.
"TRUTH FIRST" is what will be the message on this blog. This is in response to all those negative thinkers that never see anything good in Africa.
Fistly, after the flood, Noah was left with his three son, Shem, Ham and Japheth. The African lineage came out from Ham. (Gen. 9:18-19)
Secondly, the Jews came into Egypt when the brothers of Joseph sold him to a Midianite merchant out of jealousy who later brought him into Egypt.(Gen 37:28-30)
Jacob is also known as Isreal. His name changed after he fought with an angel. (Gen: 35:9-10)
The children of Isreal were foreigners in Egypt and for this reason they were became illegal migrants therefore becoming illegal workers(or slaves as some call it). The Jews were strong and were used to build the cities of Egypt. They were cheap labour just the same way the black african and other minorities(foreigners) were used to build the cities of United States of America.
Thirdly, the africans were enunch in the service of the Pharoah. The african enunchs did the priestly duties in the palace since the Egyptians had so many gods.
The Africa from old had systematic way of governance. The Egyptian recognised the foreigners in their midst and asigned different duties to them. Jesus Christ as baby had to take refuge in Egypt(Africa) when his life was threaten by Harod!
Africa is also a land of refuge!
For the records
After the death of Sarah, Abraham took an African for a second wife, Keturah.(Gen 25:1)
Joseph married an African(An Egyptian), Asenath(the daughter Potiphera the priest of On). (Gen 41:45).
Moses married out of Africa, Zipporah.(Exodus 2:2)
King Solomon took the Queen of Sheba(An Ethiopian)
Africa is a content and the "Glory of Africa" has to be told by "Truth First". Period!!!

Anonymous said...

Point of correction. Typograhical error on the word "content". I meant "continent not content". That is "Africa is a Continent".

Anonymous said...

Point of correction. Typographical error on the word "content". I meant "continent not content". That is "Africa is a Continent".

ladyjolau said...

Anonymous, you are still one of the most ignorant person alive. Why are you still alive? Your thoughts are funny to me because it shows how intelligent you are (NOT)If you had any decent bone in your body, or brain cell, your opinions would be much different. Do you know that most of the things you use in everyday life Negros invented. That cheap watch you're wearing, look it up! You racist people are so intimidated by my rich culture. My ancestors were Kings and Queens. Your ancestors were jealous and couldn't reach our status. face it, you are not the superior color, your just a jealous, scared, stupid color. Go read a book, maybe you'll feel better about yourself.

Tidet said...

It saddens me to see this hate amongst people. Why can't we all get along because we are all PEOPLE and HUMAN BEINGS. Why does our skin colour and misunderstanding of our different cultures have to create so much hate. If we can all understand the differences, live with them and co-habit this earth in peace, we might be able to all start working together in saving the planet.



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