Wednesday, July 25, 2007

America focuses it's racism on Barry Bonds

White America has always feared the African man and this fear extends even into American sporting activity. Many years ago, a half-African baseball player named "Babe" Ruth set the record for hitting the most homeruns ina single season. Whites felt that they had no choice but to declare that Ruth was was white and they banned Africans from playing the sport until 1947.

When the full-African player, Henry Aaron set a new HR record in in 1974, wite America howled in protest. He recieved death threats andhad to deal with costant racial threats and insults from the whites who attended games to attack him.

Today, another African named Barry Bonds is close to breaking Aaron's record. Naturally, white America is unhappy with this and they have sought to undermine Bonds by falsely accusing him of using illegal medications and drugs to enhance his performance.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

A white man's war machine not only kills people but harms the Earth.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nearly 2 million African political prisoners in America

Nearly 2 millon Africans are denied freedom and are held captive in American prisons by Republicans and other like-minded people

I avoid prison in America by doing several things and one of them is not revealing my idenity on this blog. I have no doubt that the white man knows who I am but but by not naming myself I can use his so-called "legal" system against him.

But sadly there are nearly 2 million Africans who rot today in America's prisons. While there may be some who did something improper most are political prisoners who have been sent to prison on trumped-up or entirely false charges.

Racial profiling is the first step in the process. Many white police departments have quotas which require their officers to arrest certain number of Africans per day.

Bond is supposed to ensure that a defendant will show up for court hearings. When someone is arrested, he or she appears before a magistrate or judge, who then decides how much money the person must post to get out of jail. Bail isn't about punishment. Yet, often it is set too high for any African to pay, so they sit in jail. This helps ensure that millions of votes to Democrat leaders are denied so that Republicans can stay in power.

This does not go unoticed by the world. The People's Republic of China for example, has noted that:
"Racial discrimination is deep-rooted in the United States. Senate Republican leader Trent Lott had repeatedly made remarks supporting racial segregation during his political life. He had tried by every means to prevent the Congress from passing a bill on establishing the birthday of Martin Luther King, a murdered civil rights leader of the blacks, as a national holiday."

China should know. They too have been victims of white America as I have noted elsewhere on this blog. They go on to say that: "Racial discrimination is serious in law enforcement. According to a study by the Justice Policy Institute of the United States, blacks constitute only 12.9 percent of America's total population, but black prisoners account for 46 percent of the total in jail in the nation; approximately one in every five blacks is jailed for some time during his or her life."