Saturday, July 07, 2007

A white man's war machine not only kills people but harms the Earth.


Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the part that the white man's war machine played in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. That was a great scene.

Jessica said...

What does this have to do with being white? Why is it the white man's machine? I really don't get it. You act as if there are no other races involved in government or military.

All of your blogs concern a 'white' man doing something to a black man. Yes, thousands of black people get arrested/sentenced to jail time/turned down for jobs/ etc, etc, by white people. But, the same things happen to white people by black people. Are those black people being racist as well?

Do people discriminate? Yes. Is is okay? No, certainly not. But, is every situation that just happens to involve people of different races, driven by racial issues?
Two white men can get in a fight at a bar or whatever and it is just that, a fight. A white and black man can get into that same type of fight, and it is automatically a hate crime.

I am a white female. Most things in life have been easy for me. I am far from racist. In fact, racism is one thing that really gets me. But, it bothers me just as much when a black person is prejudice towards a white person.

You know, you haven't uncovered any 'truths' have found random things going on in the US and have managed to find whatever you could to turn that situation into a racial one. It is ridiculous! You are a teacher, and yet you cannot create an intelligent blog. Nothing that I have read of yours has been thought provoking...just irritating.

Anonymous said...

Do Black people's war machines not harm the Earth. Do Black people not kill white people. Do Black countries police not imprison white people. Did White people actually invent anything. Is every thing in my home invented by black people. Are White people even smart. Im white and i have an IQ of 155. Does that mean that i've been lied to. Have white people ever contributed anything to society. Should i not be afraid by the Black street gang that hangs around the bottom of the road. If i try to chat to them will they not stab me. Should i be ashamed of being white. Were the London bombings of 2005 really carried out by my own white government. Are Man United rubbish because there arent that many black people in the team. Should i stop watching rugby and cricket because they were invented by stupid inferior white people. Should i donate my £70,000 a year salary to africa because i'm white and dont deserve it. Should i stop buying presents for my kids at christmas because you apparently somehow link it to racism. Should I stop being christian because, as you said, Jesus the noble African was murdered by us dirty whites. Should
I tell my family in Israel not to be offended by the fact you think Jesus was born in Africa. After all
you yourself are African. Should i stop supporting the Troops overseas because, as youy said, they are only trying to take over Iraq to have a military vase close to Africa, even though Europes right next to it aswell. Should i tell my son to stop wanting to be an astronaut because you've found a link between Space Shuttles and racsim. Is Britain racist for not having a Black Monarch. Should I move to another country. Am i racist for not marrying a Black women. Please, Truth First, answer my questions. I need to know if i should be ashamed of myself for being white.

Anonymous said...

white people or proto-anglo race have contributed EVERYTHING we now know to our society. It is obvious whites are the dominating race on earth. Anyone who says otherwise is in denial. Say what you will about weapons of destruction, but equally prosperitive inventions have been created by whites. What have blacks contributed? Sad to say, nothing. Africa is in shambles, a desolate land of destruction, warfare, and genocide. Afro-americans should thank their god every night they are over here, and not in that god-forsaken hell in what they call "AFRICA"

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