Saturday, August 11, 2007

The racist shape and message of Oklahoma

Oklahoma appears as a blood-stain reminder of American racism

Every state in the United States represents a racist crime of genocide, oppression and murder.

For thousands of years, the indigenous peoples living in what is now called “North America” lived peacefully. The arrival of the white man from Europe represented nothing more than a death sentence for these people.

The indigenous peoples were attacked and enslaved by the white man. Their land was taken from them and their cultures destroyed.

By the mid-19th Century the white man had reached the North American intertior. It is estimated that by 1850 over 4 million indigenous people had already been killed. Millions more were pushed off their lands and were forced to retreat to the west.

The area known Oklahoma became a giant prisoner camp where thousands of indigenous peoples, including those making up the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole tribes were held.

Almost as a joke, the white man decided to shape the borders of Oklahoma into the form of a hatchet or a cleaver knife. This was intented to serve as a message to all people of color that the white man whould either imprison you or kill you.

The final indignity was when Oklahoma was annexed into the America and became one of its states in 1907.


Anonymous said...

this is so, so retarded its unbelievable. because your map illustrates the state as being red it is a racist symbol? you need serious help

Anonymous said...

Makes sense to me.

Truth_First said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

WOW. you think that "Indians" were a peaceful people. there ARE NO peaceful people. Ever people is a people of war. No nation has ever been one of only peace. Most definitely not those in and around the cradle of life. Also Egyptians of "history" were not black. Dark, yes. Not black. And Jesus was a Jew. Not black. Again. Dark yes, but a African American as you wish him to be. Nope. People in the middle east are not black. And one last little thing. I've met people who are racist. I live in the south . But you sir, are a sad attention seeking whore. You do nothing but promote racism for your own sad gains. How dare you say that Black people cannot be racist. Which brings me to my point. You are racist. You are that witch you hate. You claim to somehow be a history teacher. Teacher of what. If you Africans were such a good people then why did you sell mine into slavery. I am a black man who will never in a million years call himself an African. What did any tribesman do for me other than sell my family into slavery. -Mad Black, Proud, and AMERICAN

Anonymous said...

You honestly have to be the stupedest person I have ever read. I can't believe you are an educator. Poor, poor Africa.

jerome said...

good job exposing the truth to these fools truth_first.

what racist shape is florida?

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