Friday, November 09, 2007

Bush neocons attacking Africa via global warming

The rate of destruction has increased dramatically since the start of the Bush regime

After the Katrina attacks of 2005 on New Orleans many have wondered if the Bush regime would attack again using its deadly weather control technology.

With America waging war on Africa in Iraq and attempting provoke war with China one can only imagine what will happen next.

In addition, white America has been waging a global war of terror against the Earth resulting in raising temperatures, storm intensity and oceanic chaos as the article below explains:

Rising seas threaten Africa's coastline - UN body

Fri 9 Nov 2007, 6:15 GMT

By Bate Felix

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Africa's coastal infrastructure faces increasing danger of erosion from rising sea levels caused by climate change, the head of the U.N. Environment Programme said on Thursday.

"By some projections of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), global warming could affect one-third of Africa's coastal infrastructure by the end of this century because we know that we are on a course of having sea levels rising between 20 and 60 centimetres this century," Steiner said.


Anonymous said...

So global warming only affects Africa and not the rest of the world?
Thats briliant. All this time i thought we were all gonna die, but luckily its only the Africans.

KC said...

And no African or African American/Canadian had any part whatsoever in creating Global warming - innocent of all charges??? This is ALL Bushes fault? The white man controls the weather?? You know I don't care one bit for Bush... but this one takes the cake. Honestly...

Now I heard it all... you're one piece of work. This is very sad.