Tuesday, December 18, 2007

America sends the world a racist message with its Great White Fleet

In 1907 the United States sent out a fleet of white warships to terrorize people of colour around the world

By the early 20th century the United States had already killed or enslaved millions of Africans and had waged wars of imperial oppression against Asia and Latin America. Not satisfied with this, the American President Theodore Roosevelt ordered that a fleet of white warships be sent out to sail around the world. It's purpose was to send out a loud and clear message: the white man owned the world and that the white man could destroy it.

100 years later the white man continues to oppress people of color and he threatens all life on Earth with his campaign of global warming terror.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jesus was killed because he was a black African

Jesus traveled from Africa to stop the white man's wars and spread a message of peace

One of the biggest cover-ups in human history involves the truth about Jesus. Jesus was not white man but was a son of Africa was killed by the white man for being a black African.

So fearful is the white man of Jesus and his message of peace, we have seen the white man do everything possible to hide and distort the meaning of Jesus. The white man has turned the birth of Jesus into a commercial affair meant to exploit the working poor.