Tuesday, December 18, 2007

America sends the world a racist message with its Great White Fleet

In 1907 the United States sent out a fleet of white warships to terrorize people of colour around the world

By the early 20th century the United States had already killed or enslaved millions of Africans and had waged wars of imperial oppression against Asia and Latin America. Not satisfied with this, the American President Theodore Roosevelt ordered that a fleet of white warships be sent out to sail around the world. It's purpose was to send out a loud and clear message: the white man owned the world and that the white man could destroy it.

100 years later the white man continues to oppress people of color and he threatens all life on Earth with his campaign of global warming terror.


Anonymous said...

out of interest why do you go on about america colonising africa and asia when they had fuck all to do with either continent. the nation which had the most to do with the colonisation of both continents was Britain which not only improved life for both continents (albeit with some unpleasent failures) but both africa and asia have suffered when we left. for example in zimbabwe, under british rule it was known as the breadbasket of africa while now it is a complete and utter shithole.

my final point is, if you are going to attack anyone for colonialism, dont blame america

Weird Pink Hook said...

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Nigger Killer said...

Remember Apartheid? Remember when you niggers took back Africa?

Oh yeah, you niggers destroyed all the improvements such as buildings, farms and roads. That's why you live in poverty, because you're stupid.

Anonymous said...

STFU You crybaby nigger

Anonymous said...

Just because you live in a mud hut in the middle of nowhere with no water and electricity with 23 underweight kids and 4 ugly wifes aswell as 7 second hand chickens and a couple of bse cows and goats and have to mug little kids for a living and didnt get an education and have constant diarrhea and wears clothes donated by oxfam, doesnt mean you have to start attacking the white people.
White people were poor once you know, but we did something about it, you africans just sit around like the lazy fucks you are and expect somebody else to sort out your fucked up continent

Guru said...

I will respond to a couple of the comments on this page because they are foolish and the white man should know his foolishness and fix it.

///for example in zimbabwe, under british rule it was known as the breadbasket of africa while now it is a complete and utter shithole.///

Have you ever heard of the great nation called by whites "The Great Zimbabwe"? Obviously whites and other non blacks underdeveloped ALL countries in Afrika. Do your research.

///That's why you live in poverty, because you're stupid.///

If this comment isn't ignorant then I don't know what is. Black people in Afrika live in povery because of whites and arabs (same thing) who rape Afrika daily. Afrika is the continent with the most natural resources, the poverty is not there because of insufficient sources, but exists because whites take the food and land and inferiorize the Blacks just like they do in every other country they occupy. If Black people are stupid then whites must be far beyond stupid. Blacks taught whites most of the things they know about science and other aspects of their education that they study in their so called advanced institutions.

///STFU You crybaby nigger///

When a person shoots another persons family member and takes their house and all their land. Then the family weeps in isoloation over the situation, do you call them a cry baby? Once again whites showing their nature.

///Just because you live in a mud hut///

By simply observing this man's page I can come to the conclusion that he does not live in a mud hut. You are foolish for this statement.

///nowhere with no water and electricity with 23 underweight kids and 4 ugly wifes aswell as 7 second hand chickens///

If one has no water, they die. He is still alive and posting so I doubt this is the issue. Underweight kids are that way because the correct food is not being eaten by them. Let me ponder.. Who took their food? I'll let you answer that. Its funny you say 4 ugly (Black)wives. In all truth, white man secretly have a fedish with Black women. Even white women want to become Black women. Day by day white women come into surgery rooms and increase their lip size, buttock, and tan their mutative recessive skin. If this shows that Black women are ugly then this is a denial of reality, for even whites realize that Black women are beautiful, ask Mark Twain.

///White people were poor once you know, but we did something about it,///

Yes, you all went to the Blacks to learn how to feed yourself and properly run a civilization. You also killed Blacks around the globe to set up your New World Order that exists at this present time.

///you africans just sit around like the lazy fucks you are and expect somebody else to sort out your fucked up continent///

Actually many Blacks in America do some kind of work to help feed their famalies who are oppressed by a white supremacy system. That continent is "fucked up" because Arabs and other whites ravage through and steal their resources and give little kids guns and turn famalies against eachother. They teach Blacks to eat poison like pork and distrupt their whole society.

Ultimately all these statements from whites alike and maybe brainwashed Blacks are below foolish and don't deserve quality responses.

Cuzn said...

This site reads like a page out of some fantasy novel. The TRUTH is that the black race is a failed race. NO inventions, NO history, NO achievements and NOTHING to add to the advancement of civilization. It's all in your inferior DNA. The black race is destined for extinction. And not at the hands of YT. It will be by your own undoing. With your animal instincts to kill, rob, violence and the ever present MUH-DIK syndrome, your only hope for survival is in the hands of bleeding heart liberals. Who pump billions into your failed race year after year. I say, let nature take its course. When all the negroes have killed each other off and AIDS has done its job. Humans can move in and build a great nation out of your shithole of a coontinent.

O'Bongo said...

Funny, but they bought their slaves from the stronger black tribes or Arabs. Cinque, of Amistad fame, went back to Africa and used his new skills in seamanship and English to become a slaver too. Basically, that sums up blacks and africa. You sold yourself out cause you had nothing else to offer. None of you even invented the wheel or written language and you had a fifty thousand year head start on everyone else.

Anonymous said...

shouldnt you be off stealing bikes?

Anonymous said...

The white man's campaign of global warming terror? Are you a fucking moron? It's so nice that you make it seem like white people are the only racists on the planet instead of being realistic and stating that every single race contains some hint of racism. Truth First, you yourself are a racist. I'm guessing you're not aware of it or you wouldn't be constantly blaming all of life's problems on the 'white man'. One less racist in the world is one step closer to no more racism. So stop this bullshit prattle of yours and kill yourself Truth First, now!

NANCY said...

3000bc in the pyramids there is an image of an African who is being pulled by a horse buggy with wheels. There is also carving with the first writings which is 2500bc time so learn the real history before you comment.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why ignorant people post. There is no reason why you should be angry at Africans, in fact we should be upset at you. Every major war was done by whites, and you call us savages lol. Africans are peace full beings even your scientist discovered an anomaly in whites genetics which cause you to be the way you are. I am not racist but a realist and love my people and someday things will be the way it was in 3000bc.

Anonymous said...

Why is it such a sin to be white?

Actually. I quite like it.

I am not ashamed.

My race has done some great things. I will not bow my head to the black man.

Anonymous said...

I am not ashamed of being white.

I am not ashamed of being British.

The first anti-slavery laws anywhere in the world were made in uk. By Sir William Wilbeforce. Member of Parliament for Kingston Upon Hull.

The enforcement of those laws came from the Royal Navy in the form of the attacking of slaver ships. They pursued this order very vigorously.

The bastards who were the most pissed off about this were the African slave traders who had no problem at all selling their own people to be slaves around the world.

I see no reason at all to bow my head to the black man. I have done him no wrong. Neither did my father, Neither did his father.

Stop crying for yourselves you brothers and get on with life.

My ancestors were Irish and the British treated our country very brutally indeed. I have Indian friends. Same thing.

It is History. Time to move on. Don't get stuck in history.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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