Monday, March 24, 2008

African politicians being targeted by the white power structure in America

African leaders are under intense attack this year as Barack Obama inches closer to the Presidency

The attacks on Barack Obama have just begun and they will get worse in the coming months. The new African governor of New York State “comes forward” with stories of infidelity less than 24 hours in being in office. And today, it is reported by the white media that the African mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, has been charged with perjury.

The white power structure is clearly nervous that there may be an African in the White House in 2009. An Obama Presidency can reverse hundreds of years of aggression and oppression towards the peoples of Africa and in desperation, we can expect the white man to use every trick in his book to stop that from happening.

My sources tell me that it is an absolute fiction that Governor David Patterson of New York was never less than faithful to his wife. Patterson has always been known as an African man of the highest integrity. But white men in New York forced him to admit to these false charges of immoral behaviour. It was the only way they would allow him to assume his proper and legal role as Governor.

We will keep an eye on the situation with regard to Kwame Kilpatrick. There is every reason to think these are trumped up charges.


Latrina "KFC" Kendrell said...

A very recent study from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( found that nearly half of african American teen girls aged 14 to 19 have at least one STD. That rate is only 20 percent among both Whites and Mexican-American teens. Gonorrhea Rates are 30 times higher in african Americans than in Whites and more than 11 times higher than Latinos. 48 percent of african Americans have herpes, only 7.8 percent of them are aware of it. These are very serious and non-trivial facts published by the government of the United States. I’m disgusted.

sources: and

Dave said...

So are you really a lunatic or do you just play one on the internet?

You didn't include Jews in your conspiracy. I feel left out.

Kat said...

Bravo, I found this blog via your "racist legacy of star trek" post and am generally impressed by the creativity shown in your paranoia.

It's sad, however, because your rants make it easier for people to dismiss the very valid charges made by others that racism still exists in this country against African Americans and other people of color.

"An Obama Presidency can reverse hundreds of years of aggression and oppression"

Dude, I think an Obama presidency can do a lot to help heal the wounds of this country because of who he is - his character, not just his skin tone - but do you seriously think it can reverse hundreds of years of aggression and oppression?? C'mon. A black president by itself is merely symbolic. There would still be a lot of hard work to be done.

And to the person who commented as Latrina "kfc" Kendrell, you're disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Once again I commend you on your very clever, tongue-in-cheek parody and satire. As with the last post, you had a nicely hidden hint that you're just kidding around. This time the hint was the cleverly disguised triple negative with which you declared that Governor David Patterson was faithless.

"My sources tell me that it is an absolute fiction that Governor David Patterson of New York was never less than faithful to his wife."

Latrina "KFC" Kendrell said...

Kat ... why am I disgusting? these are 100% pure NON-TRIVIAL FACTS published by the GOVERNMENT OF USA, these are VERY SERIOUS STUDIES. you know I'm right and you just can't deal with it.

walt235 said...

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Anonymous said...

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