Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Racism of "Lost"

In "Lost", Africans are depicted as being unstable, murderous, deceptive and dangerous. Michael (pictured above) is portrayed as an erratic individual who is easily manipulated by the white man.

A popular American television programme is “Lost” which is supposedly about survivors of an airplane crash who find themselves stranded on a mysterious island. Like other American television programmes and films it relishes in racial stereotyping of Africans. “Lost” in many ways is particularly offensive. Some examples:

An African man who survives the plane crash with his son is depicted as a somewhat mentally-unstable individual who quickly resorts to violence. He has a white slave-owners name (Michael Dawson) and Michael murders women, fights with a Korean and shown to be weak-minded and easily manipulated by the white men who control the island.

In the most recent insult, Michael is forced join the crew of a ship as a mere deckhand who mops the floor. Michael is the stereotypical image of a house-slave ready to do the white man’s bidding.

Other offences: An African man called Mr. Eko is portrayed as being murderous drug dealer and there are “flashback” sequences which depict Africa as a place where armed drug dealers rule the land and create violence and mayhem.

An unnamed African woman BEGS a white man to shoot and kill her and there’s a monster on the island which shown to be black smoke, another false metaphor representing the white man’s fears of Africa.

As Alla Kimmendae writes, “The white man at his very core fears what he does not and cannot understand. He has no soul and is unable to escape his innate bias and hatred”.

When the white man first washed up upon the shores of Africa he saw civilization for the first time. He saw the great African cities, the written word, art and science and it made the white man feel small and insignificant. The white tries to make Africa seem small and insignificant with entertainment such as "Lost".


Anonymous said...

well im afraid to tell you, but africa is, was, and always will be the global cesspool. i mean the only reason it abolished slavery was due to the white man, cannibalism is still comman, there are more civil wars and atrocities commit by africans then white people ever did, and without the charity of the white man, there probobaly wouldnt be anyone left there

Red Power! said...

Please, tell me how you differ from any other racist.

Anonymous said...

at first I thought that you intended for this to be taken seriously, then I got to the part where (in a column decrying racism) you affirm your belief in the quotation that white people are soulless.

Very funny satire! You almost had me believing in your sincerity for a few moments!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm back again, because I was chuckling about how clever the jokes on here are, and how well hidden the satire is.

My concern is, some people might not realize where the jokes are. For example, you've got the poll over there on the right in which you ask how often you've been a victim of the white man.

Most people who haven't taken any classes in math and statistics will never notice that your survey is completely meaningless because you left out the option "Never". Very clever and funny, but potentially misleading for those who don't realize you're just having fun with them.

Of course, you do give us a hint to the joke, when you tell us in another blog entry that you had 5000 visitors to your blog.

So 99.56 percent of your visitors couldn't find a survey option that matched how they felt, and less than half a percent of your visitors felt as though they'd been victimized.

Like I said, very clever, but I would be careful not to make your jokes too obscure!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever watched "Lost"? wait... let me rephrase that question again. Have you actually watched "Lost" from the start?

If you have then you would have retracted your statements about the character Michael. You would see that he is a father that would do anything to save and protect his son. How come you did not write that part about the character?

Obviously you have your own problems, and as are someone in education it is truly sad. You should be looking and trying to create harmony, tolerance, and peace, but your blog does none of those things. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

you fucking retard go kill yourself, stop hating the white man, we made the world what it is today, africans live off our money and food

Anonymous said...

Wow your stupid!

Anonymous said...

I'm an african american and I think you, Truth First, are a fool.

A Fellow said...

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje played a starkly different role as Mr. Eko, in Lost, compared to Harold Perrinau Jr., who plays Michael Dawson. Your partisan biases need a fuller surving of prudence, and the presumption you use in your prospecting need be put down.

Truth_First said...

Then you do not know the TRUTH.

walt235 said...

But niggers are murderous, deceptive and dangerous...........and worse!

Anonymous said...

The story says, "In "Lost", Africans are depicted as being unstable, murderous, deceptive and dangerous."

Ummm, they AREN'T? Most of the criminals with the least minority population?

Liz's Journal said...

The story says, "In "Lost", Africans are depicted as being unstable, murderous, deceptive and dangerous."

Ummm, they AREN'T? Most of the criminals with the least minority population?

Not quite. Actually, whites are the most aggressive and murderous. Because they have financial and political control of the country, most of them tend to get away with their crimes, unlike those of African descent.