Sunday, April 27, 2008

Barack Obama's White House dilemma

The American Presidential home known as the "White House" was designed by white man to be the home of the most powerful white man. They used African slaves to build it and the bodies of over 40 Africans are known to be buried under the structure.

Should President Obama live in the White House which was constructed by African slaves?

It is a question Obama may have to address. The White House is perhaps the ultimate symbolic and physical manifestation of American racism. It was twice constructed by the white man using African slave labor (the first White House was burned down 1814) and was purposely designed to be a symbol of white man’s dominance.

The White House got its name from the white slave overseers who whipped and brutalized the Africans who were forced to build it. They tormented them and mocked them by telling them they would, “build such a fine home that no Negro would ever step forth into it”*.

Africans who died at the White House construction site were often left to rot where they lay and others were simply buried in what became the basement of the structure. 11 Africans were executed at the White House site in 1793 when they were deemed as being “non-compliant”.

For over two hundred years the White House has been the place where terrible crimes against humanity have been discussed, planned and carried out: The orders to destroy African culture and to enslave African peoples. The creation of the Ku Klux Klan. The creation of the AIDS virus. The poisoning of African communities with crack cocaine. The 9/11 hoax. The Katrina Hurricane attack and so on.

Given the history of the White House perhaps Barack Obama should live there. It would after all, prove the white man wrong.

* See Alexander Okafors, “African Tales of Sorrow”, 1919

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wise words from one of my students

The following is from an essay one of my students wrote in my African World Cultures class this semester:

"I may have been born in a land called the United States by its government but I have always been African. I am not American but African. I cannot be something which rejects me or hates me. I can only be what I am and where my blood is from. Africa is my past, present and future. The world owes its beginnings to Africa. Without America, the world is better. Without Africa, the world is nothing."

Friday, April 04, 2008