Sunday, April 27, 2008

Barack Obama's White House dilemma

The American Presidential home known as the "White House" was designed by white man to be the home of the most powerful white man. They used African slaves to build it and the bodies of over 40 Africans are known to be buried under the structure.

Should President Obama live in the White House which was constructed by African slaves?

It is a question Obama may have to address. The White House is perhaps the ultimate symbolic and physical manifestation of American racism. It was twice constructed by the white man using African slave labor (the first White House was burned down 1814) and was purposely designed to be a symbol of white man’s dominance.

The White House got its name from the white slave overseers who whipped and brutalized the Africans who were forced to build it. They tormented them and mocked them by telling them they would, “build such a fine home that no Negro would ever step forth into it”*.

Africans who died at the White House construction site were often left to rot where they lay and others were simply buried in what became the basement of the structure. 11 Africans were executed at the White House site in 1793 when they were deemed as being “non-compliant”.

For over two hundred years the White House has been the place where terrible crimes against humanity have been discussed, planned and carried out: The orders to destroy African culture and to enslave African peoples. The creation of the Ku Klux Klan. The creation of the AIDS virus. The poisoning of African communities with crack cocaine. The 9/11 hoax. The Katrina Hurricane attack and so on.

Given the history of the White House perhaps Barack Obama should live there. It would after all, prove the white man wrong.

* See Alexander Okafors, “African Tales of Sorrow”, 1919


Anonymous said...

I commend you on this entry; I think it's the best you've written yet. I confess, I was skeptical at first, because I didn't see the joke you were making until the end.

At first I thought the joke was the list of things that got their start in the White House (and truth is, I DID laugh out loud at that part - it was funny). I particularly enjoyed the part where you pretended to be so completely ignorant of US history that you don't think there was slavery in the US before 1792! I think even a second grader would catch that joke! Nicely done.

But it wasn't until I got to the very end that I realized you'd saved the best for last...

The threefold joke in the very last line was hilarious:

1. You reference Okafor, but send us to a page on Asante.

2. You reference a work which - of all the billions of web pages worldwide, is ONLY mention on this site (hilarious!)

3. Then when you search for Alexander Okafor on Google, you discover that there are NO prominent references, and the only one that warrants notice (by which I mean, it appears before your page in the listings) is about a man born in 1948, which would have made it very difficult for him to write in 1919.

I applaud your sense of humor - as I said, I think this is your best yet!

Anonymous said...

"The orders to destroy African culture and to enslave African peoples. The creation of the Ku Klux Klan. The creation of the AIDS virus. The poisoning of African communities with crack cocaine. The 9/11 hoax. The Katrina Hurricane attack and so on."

What about the Arab slave trade? Anywhere from 16-18 million black Africans were taken from Africa to the Muslim countries, which by the way lasted far longer than the Atlantic Slave Trade. In comparison, 9-12 million were sent to the "New World," not considering how many ended up in the Sugar Islands before the present day U.S.
Ku Klux Klan was formed by Confederate vigilantes, and INITIALLY attacked carpetbaggers and scalawags even more than the freedmen in resistance to the Reconstruction.
Mmhmm... AIDS. Originated from Cameroon chimpanzees. Sub-saharan, not the White House.
I'm not even going to start with the 9/11 "hoax."

Hurricane? Two words. "Tropical cyclogenesis." LOOK IT UP.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and nobody's forcing any black people to sell crack. They do that on their own.

Just, FYI.

ragnad said...

this blog gets funnier and funnier with each post!

Anonymous said...

The Ku Klux Klan formed in Tennessee not at the White House which is in Maryland.

kllydkelly said...

I'm shocked their are so many white pieces of trash on your blog, Truth.

Anonymous said...

Wow, kllydkelly, that was a really racist comment. I mean, it's one thing for our friend Red to make those kinds of comments because he always makes it very clear that he's just kidding around, but there's NOTHING in your comment to let everyone know you're just joking.

If you're going to be racist for real, you should start your own blog rather than adding such inappropriate content to a place that's supposed to be a lot of fun for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks. I needed a hardly laugh and with one click I found it! One more reason I can add to my list of why the internet is such a great source of comedic relief.

Keep up the great work!

PS- White people suck :P

Old Iron said...

This site is great. I read through your top page and really get a kick out of the "White people are bad because..." premise of every single post you make. Pure comedic gold, albeit a little repetitious. Might want to change it up a little every now and then just for variety's sake.

Keep bringing the funny!

Otter said...

We need more people to see blogs like yours.

Conservatism would be locked in for the next two centuries, once people got up to speed on the kind of thinking the Left produces.

Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be satire?

If not, screw you. And go learn some real history (after you leave the United States).

da white devil said...

This is the best. It is the most clever subtle writing infused with liberal doses of irony and sarcasm.

At times it is hard to process the layered delicate humor but don't give up!

If you have not I encourage you to read back through the posts. Just when you think the humor has reached a peak he outdoes himself again.


(If Africans are the bestest and da white man is a sneaky little devil how was the whitey able the jack Mr. Super Afroes shiznit and why don't Super Afro just get it back...... See how funny it is?)

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