Saturday, May 17, 2008

Because of Obama my students have hope

Barack Obama can end of the suffering of the African people caused by the white power structure of America

There is a new feeling, a new mood and a new sense of direction among my students as this semester comes to an end. All semester long we have discussed Barack Obama and what he represents. For the first time, students in my class are actually thinking of staying in America because of Barack Obama. He represents hope and we are hopeful.


tim bob said...

lame, lame, lame, Red! You've done the "I'm a teacher" joke so many times that it doesn't even make us laugh any more.

It's like telling the same knock knock joke five hundred times. It makes people want to cry, not laugh.

Give us something funny next time, okay?

Thanks Red!

tim bob said...

Hi Red, it's me again. I felt bad about leaving such a negative comment, so I thought I'd give you a bit of positive feedback, because there are a couple things I've noticed that really are funny.

First, your current survey, like your previous one, plays off people's ignorance of mathematics and statistics, by providing only options which are not representative of the populations' actual viewpoints. It's kind of like when you're asked "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" and are only given the options "Yes" and "No", instead of including the obvious option "I've never been a wife beater in the first place!" Very funny use of statistics to mess with peoples' minds. :)

The other thing is your repeated use of monkey images to represent Obama in your slide show. The perpetuation of stereotypical racist images of black people as monkeys on a blog decrying racism is one of the most hilarious things I've seen to date on this blog.

So keep up the good work, Red. I'm confident that your next post will be back to your usual standard of humor. :)

Old Iron said...

Tim Bob, I actually think I may have hit on the true purpose of this post.

After reviewing some of Red's back catalog this is actually the first time that he has introduced the "students are thinking of staying in America because of Obama" angle, and there in lies the comedic approach. Potential angles are intorducing individual students by their quirky personality traits with attached countries of origin using "Welcome Back Cotter" as a model, discussing the odd student projects that they have devised, etc. Imagine the fun if he decided to list the hijinks that I know have occurred during one of their protests or rallies!

Red, the groundwork for TRUCKLOADS of laughs has been laid. Run with it!

tim bob said...

old iron, you might be right about that! He's referred to his students before, but perhaps this is the beginning of a whole new phase of the blog.

Red - when you're working on inventing the names, characters, and personalities of these students, can we help make suggestions?

I've never really help participate in creating a fictional cast of characters for a big story like this - it could be a lot of fun.

Who knows, if the whole thing is funny enough, maybe they could even make a movie out of it! That would be awesome!

Old Iron said...

I know this is a little off-topic, but if I ever need a laugh I sit and watch Red's slide show for about 5 minutes and come across gems like this...

That thing is a laugh factory.

tim bob said...

I think my favorite is the one that compares Obama to the bully from "The Simpsons".

That's just priceless!

Anonymous said...

well actually his real name is henry jones

Anonymous said...

does your mommy know you're sniffin' her nail polish? Or is the ink on your foodstamps making you high?

Anonymous said...

You are a victim in your own mind. There are 6 Billion humans on the planet, of which you are only one. Your narcissism is extreme, seek help!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea go Obama, with no help from crazies like you!

walt235 said...

Obongo's a throw a way! He won't make it very long before they put a bullet in his monkey ass! The VP is the real power.