Sunday, May 11, 2008

The destruction in Burma is eerily similar to what happened in the wake of the Katrina Hurricane attack in 2005

The destruction in Burma is bringing back memories of the Hurricane Katrina attack of 2005

The death toll from the May 3 cyclone in Burma continues to rise. Some fear it may number over a million. But questions are being raised. Why did this cyclone seem to only target Burma and not a white nation such as Australia? And why is the U.S. government so eager to send its military to Burma to “help”?

The government of Burma has shown wise restraint so far in resisting these supposed offers of help from the United States. The world has not forgotten what happened in New Orleans in 2005. As we all know, the U.S. government continues to promote the lie that what happened in New Orleans was simply a natural disaster. Was Burma targeted and attacked as was New Orleans by the Bush Regime?

Another reason why the world needs Barack Obama to be the next American President.


tim bob said...

"Why did this cyclone seem to only target Burma and not a white nation such as Australia?"

Ooh! I know! I know! Pick me! Pick me!

Okay, I'll tell you.

It's because even God is racist!


Old Iron said...

No, it's because all negative weather or natural disaster could never effect any other nation but a black one without it being a conspiracy by the white man, silly!

Truth_First said...

Explain why the U.S. military was sent to occupy New Orleans after the Katrina and why the the American government wants to do the same to Burma.

Old Iron said...

Uh... Maybe because during major disasters there tends to be a small dose of lawlessness and the aide workers could need a bit of protection? To insure the eqaul distribution of material and to keep down theft?

Or wait, even better: what major government-run transportation processes are readily available for movement of aide materials?


Give up yet?

The United States Military! Tehy have all of these big boats and planes that can actually be used to help people by evacuating them and / or bringing them supplies!The system is in place so why not use it?

-Oh wait, I'm sorry. Didn't mean to inject reason and logical thought into the equation or this blog in general. I will let you get back to being your usual hilarious self as I watch and laugh.

Anonymous said...

The United States Coast Guard was in New Orleans (btw not the only city hit...) WHEN the hurricane hit, saving lives.

Doesn't sound racist to me. Weather, however, is completely capable of developing racist feelings, and therefore MUST have avoided Australia... which, by the way, has a population of over 450,000 BLACK indigenous people. The Aborigine, for example... sound familiar? Not all blacks are Africans.

Anonymous said...

you are such a stupid retard

tim bob said...

"you are such a stupid retard"

Oh yeah? Well, you're the one who doesn't get a joke when he sees one, so who's the stupid retard now?

Vaughn said...

Good god, you don't actually believe what you say do you? People like you are an embarrassment to the human race.

Anonymous said...

I once had a classmate that you remind me of. He was Hispanic and his racial paranoia left us all scratching our heads. We all liked and respected him, but he got it into his head that everybody thought they were better than he was and he harbored a lot of suppressed anger. All for no reason. Nobody really cares that you have whatever problems you have with others. In the greater scheme of things it is completely irrelevant.
If you need an infusion from me, I'd give you my blood without asking you who you are or what your politics or religion are, or even if you like carrots. If you needed a helping hand I'd give it to you without even noticing the color of your skin or if you took a bath recently.
I'd do this because Christian principles are a part of every responsible American. Likewise, as a people we wish our international neighbors well, and we want to help them in times of need. Sorta like we'd do for you and your family if we found you in distress. We'd do this by virtue of impersonal love for our neighbor. By impersonal I mean that we express love of our fellow human beings solely on the basis of their humanity and not on their physical appearance. Just like you express impersonal love toward someone when you are polite to them. Its simple like that.
Have a nice day.

AngryBlackAmerican said...

What a load of garbage. You have got to be the biggest idiot I have ever come across. I'm not a black American; I'm an American that happens to be black. Get it, American first! Your load of BS does nothing to further our roll in America. The violence inflicted by our own people is way worse than anything our government has done to us in the past 100yrs. I live in a predominantly white community because I don't want my children subjected to the drugs and violence of the black community. Call me what you will, I will continue to do what's right for my family. I just wish you would learn to do what's right for your people. You need to get a grip!

Anonymous said...

Please tell us at what college you are a professor. I can only hope that it is a private school and not one funded by any of my tax dollars. Possibly the University of Moron-ia?

Anonymous said...


You are one amusing poor devil.

Pherhaps God is secretly racist and conspires with american president to cause horrible things upon non-whites of Earth:).

Your writings are - please take no offence- deluded. But hey, they are funny to read:)

Anonymous said...

People need to help themselves not wait for someone to help them, it's a pretty basic concept. I feel bad for your students, they are being trained to be victims. Your narcissism is extreme, seek help! Go Obama 2008!