Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My postings now available on the Barack Obama blog

I have been advising the Obama campaign on a limited basis during the past year and it has been a truly rewarding experience. I have met many wonderful people including both current and former students of mine. The exciting possibility of an African President of the United States is impossible to ignore.

With the current semester coming to an end I look forward to spending more time and energy helping Barack Obama overcome the white power structure and bring about truth and justice.

In assist in this goal, I am now also posting on the Obama site at http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/blog/truthfirst


Anonymous said...

As an african who is now a proud american. I am shocked that you and other Obama supporters have used race not reality in marketing Obama as a viable presidential candidate. The man is completely UNQUALIFIED to be POTUS. His religion i.e. Black Liberation Theology is race obsessed at best and racist at worst. And his multiple positions about his mentor, turned uncle turned just pastor - make him not just a liar but a pathetic liar. Obama will not only be president but will go down in history as one of the pathetic choices of a nominee democrats have ever nominated in a presidential campaign. Not because he is black but because he is unqualified and has the audacity to say 'experience is not important in a presidential campaign' proving he is really unqualified to be POTUS. Do you think Obama will use experience while picking his cabinet? Well then, you will understand that smart americans will do the same in the fall.

Tim Bob said...

Hi Red! This one was sort of funny, but not as good as you last one. Let's see if I can find the jokes here:

1. "I have been advising the Obama campaign" Obviously, we know that's just a joke, but it really isn't that funny. To make it funnier, say something like: "I have been advising the Obama campaign because Obama needs the perspective of a white boy from South Carolina who is pretending to be a black racist for chuckles." THAT would have been funny.

2. "I have met many wonderful people including both current and former students of mine." Again with the joke about you being a teacher, which you've used a couple times before, so it's getting a bit old. But this time you added a twist - the idea that you didn't meet your former students until this past year. Not bad, but of course in this day and age, with electronic courses, maybe you're implying that you hold courses online.

3. I think most people are smart enough to catch the implied humor of your last paragraph, but a newbie to the internet might miss the joke that ANYONE can post on the my.barackobama.com site, and it in no way implies that you are affiliated with obama's campaign.

All in all, the jokes in this one are bit weaker than usual. But I was amused by a comment left by a reader on your obama page:

"You're full of crap! This is detraction from Obama's authenticity as an honest man trying to smear him with this crap! You're a fraud!"

Even over there they're catching on to what a prankster you are! :)

Anonymous said...

Black Power, Baby!

jojo the dancing bear said...

Spread the love across the internets bud. Tim Bob did make a point though; the comedic value on this post left something to be desired. I mean it was in your standard form and all and did have some zingers, but I am just used to higher quality material.

I have faith in your abilities and am eagerly awaiting your next bag of laughs!

KC said...

If this is what is advising our potential future presidents - the entire world is in trumendous danger.

Blogs and mentalities share in these blogs aren't any better than the oppressors you so clearly dispise, or the slave owners who enslaved you. No better than Neo Nazis or the KKK. You continue to perpetuate hate instead of pride and understand... bridging the gap.

And if you think that its the white man that will keep Obama out of office... that's even more absurd and you know nothing about politics. It's the commercial and economic powers of the world that determine such things. Not you or me or a superdelegate. If they want him there... guess who will be president. And if is voted in and the powers that be don't want him there... he just might find himself burried next to a Kennedy. It's not right. But that is reality. With Obama's lack of experience and incredulous guidance by the likes of Wright and the likes of those in this blog make his nomination for presidency a VERY bad thing.

Faltered Heaven said...

I'm happy someone else is fighting the white power structure. I've written a blog myself about a great injustice perpetrated by the white man against blacks. Please check it out, together we can create change.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is ...this blog is about as racist as it gets. Too much. Quite laughable

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes...he advises the Obama campaign. If you'll excuse me, I've got to go advise the urinal.

Anonymous said...

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