Saturday, May 10, 2008

Should Africans be forced to receive blood from people whose ancestors once owned slaves?

An interesting question posed by "The Bar Slaves"


tim bob said...

Oh, this is delightful, Red! At first, I was going to give you a little lecture about posting links to serious stuff, but then I actually read it.

I hate to say it, Red, but I think that was actually funnier than yours. But don't worry - I'll keep reading your stuff!

The really funny thing is, if you read the comments over there on that post, it sounds like the people over THERE think that YOU don't realize the whole thing's a joke.

So who is the joke on? Heh heh!

Old Iron said...


Old Iron said...

You guys seen this guys slide show? It's like he word searched "Obama" and put every pic that he found on there without reviewing them.

Some of them are priceless.

faltered heaven said...

who said anything about thinking that this is serious?

tim bob said...

"It's like he word searched "Obama" and put every pic that he found on there without reviewing them."

Good call, old iron - I hadn't caught that one. My favorite was the "Obama - A Campaign About Nothing" slide!

That's one of the things I love about this blog - sometimes the humor of it jumps right out and grabs you, and other times you have to be paying very careful attention to get the jokes he's making. :)

Anonymous said...

I stumped my toe and fell into this sight. It's a sick sight for sick racist people. I will be more careful where I walk through the enternet. I outta here.

Anonymous said...

And since slavery existed in Africa before whitey even discovered America, for over 40 generations now, most likely 99% of every African in the world has had some ancestor that owned a slave, so Africans can donate blood. As for myself, my ancestors came from Ireland, England and Germany all of whom owned slaves at some point in their existence as nations. So I can’t give blood to an African either. I guess that if a African needs blood, he just gets to die, or accept blood from a former slave owner.

As the KKK used to say a hundred years ago, one drop of black blood makes a black man, so too one drop of slave owner blood, makes a slave owner. Isn’t it wonderful that what the KKK said a hundred years ago, is now used to the very people that it was used to persecute!


Anonymous said...

You seem to be preaching reverse racism, I feel bad for your students, they are being trained to be victims. Your narcissism is extreme, seek help! Go Obama 2008!

walt235 said...

No, niggers should not be allowed to be treated in human hospitals! They should go to vet's, like the rest of the white man's beasts of burdens!