Sunday, June 29, 2008

Racism VS Obama

The white man will use every dirty trick to stop Obama

Look at the photo above. It reveals the ignorance and hate of the white man who can't even spell Obama's name correctly. City Vehicles Painted with Anti-Obama Sayings

Saturday, June 28, 2008

How does Barack Obama inspire you?

Please share your stories and thoughts as to how Barrack Obama inspires you. Your comments can be as brief or as long as you wish.

Specifically I'd like to hear how you feel different in your own lives since the rise of Obama.

Thank you.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New URL for this site

The new URL for this site is

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The Power of Obama

Most white Americans have never seen or heard a man from Africa before

There have been many reports of people fainting at rallies for Senator Obama. I have seen this myself on several occasions. For most white Americans, Obama represents the first time they have seen or heard an African man speak to them. Many white Americans are transfixed by Obama because for the first time in their lives they are encountering a leader who speaks the TRUTH and who puts the TRUTH FIRST. That is power and it explains the appeal and power of Obama.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The White Man and his instruments of death

A group of white men stand around their latest creation: the gatling gun. This weapon was created in 1861 by white man and was used to murder thousands of Africans and other people of colour throughout the world.

The sword. The cannon. The gun. The atom bomb. Warships. Tanks. Bombers. All of these instruments of death were created by white man.

Death on the ground and death from the sky. The white man creates death wherever he is found.

The exact number of human beings killed by the white man and his instruments of death will never be known but it is at least one billion.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Should Obama select a non-African to be his Vice-President?

Should Obama select a white person such as Hillary Clinton to be his Vice-President?

Barack Obama must make the important decision of choosing a running mate. The power structure in America has always been set up so that a white man would choose another white man to be the Vice President. But Barack Obama has changed that forever.

Sadly, Obama will have to consider choosing a white person for the role. Naturally, this presents a number risks. Is there a white person out there that Obama can trust? Someone who won't try to assassinate Obama to gain power? (We saw this happen in 1963 with the Kennedy killing).

By selecting a white person Obama may gain more votes but he could lose much in the way of his own security. I will do my best to advise Obama in the coming weeks on this matter.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Voices of Africa

"I don’t see Obama winning in this racist nation because even if he is the masses’ choice, what about these so-called super delegates who may rig him out?"

Ganiyu Quadri, Saki, Oyo State. (08072407006)

If Obama is the better candidate, will the Democrats deny him the ticket because of the colour of his skin? This is what I think the American dilemma will be and how it is resolved will be seen in the coming days. If Obama is schemed out by some under-the-table method, then America stands to lose respect in the comity of nations and in the end, Obama will come away as a hero and in the hearts of men and women of goodwill will be regarded as the president of that nation.

Jide, Kaduna. (08028253086)

Discussion of films

I do not review films on this blog but I have gotten several requests for them of late. There has been discussion and analysis of racism in American film in my cultural classes and some posts on this blog touch on this.

They can be found here at the following links:

Racism in American films, November 20, 2006

The Racism of "300", March 13, 2007

More racism in American film and television, April 15, 2007

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Son of Africa Takes A Step Closer To The American Presidency

As a son of Africa, Barack Obama will face many challenges from the white man in the coming months

Sunday, June 01, 2008

White sexual fear of Africans translates into fear of Obama

The white man has always feared Africa and therefore he created tales such as "King Kong"

"This image of Fay Wray and King Kong is from the 1933 Hollywood classic. I read this film as another allegory about the anxiety of whiteness, especially related to campaigns of lynching and castration carried out against African Americans. The film King Kong thus belongs to the tradition of Birth of a Nation (click for video clip), which first put on the silver screen blackface images of African American men attacking virginal blondes in traumatic violation of imaginary national and race identities. When the airplanes arrive to shoot down Kong and save the white goddess, we can hardly forget the ride of the Klansmen who come to the rescue of the white South in Griffith's film. Yet the sympathy of the film for Kong arguably opens up an opportunity for critiquing racism (see Cynthia Erb, Tracking King Kong)."

FROM: Whiteness Studies