Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Voices of Africa

"I don’t see Obama winning in this racist nation because even if he is the masses’ choice, what about these so-called super delegates who may rig him out?"

Ganiyu Quadri, Saki, Oyo State. (08072407006)

If Obama is the better candidate, will the Democrats deny him the ticket because of the colour of his skin? This is what I think the American dilemma will be and how it is resolved will be seen in the coming days. If Obama is schemed out by some under-the-table method, then America stands to lose respect in the comity of nations and in the end, Obama will come away as a hero and in the hearts of men and women of goodwill will be regarded as the president of that nation.

Jide, Kaduna. (08028253086)


Tim Bob said...

Ah, Red, here we have a return to your former humor. Not in the post itself - the new post is just the incentive to get us to come back to the blog and explore, where we will find the REAL joke.

The REAL joke is when you click on the link for "Lies of the White Man", and you get...

"Not Found"

Heh heh. Very nice.

Tim Bob said...

Two more things:

First, regarding this quote: "Obama will come away as a hero and in the hearts of men and women of goodwill will be regarded as the president of that nation."

That's almost as funny as some of the stuff that you write, so I'll sort of forgive you for quoting again instead of writing your own comedy. If Obama isn't elected, the only people who will regard him as the president are idiots.

So what you're saying is:

Men and women of Goodwill = idiots

The only thing I'm wondering is: When you talk about the people of Goodwill being idiots, are you referring to the non-profit organization Goodwill?

Second, The picture you've posted of Obama as a a Ku Klux Klan member is HILARIOUS, though some of your visitors may find it to be in pretty bad taste.

Truth_First said...

This has been corrected.

Old Iron said...

Maybe you can write a post that highlights the fun that a man that converted from Islam to Christianity (which in the Koran is a mortal sin and is usually lovingly responded to with DEATH) when he has to negotiate with anyone of the Muslim faith. Talk about some antics that could arise from that as the Saudis or the Afghanis chase him through the streets trying to chop his head off! Heck, it would be like live-action Tom and Jerry!

Chinua said...

Greetings from a Nigerian graduate student (Yes, my mother really did name me after Achebe!)

I am beginning to understand a little bit about American politics, and the idea of Electoral College is confusing. I think that the Electoral College could cast their vote for someone else if Mr. Obama won.

But if they did, I think the Americans would be so shocked they would get rid of the Electoral College.

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