Saturday, June 21, 2008

The White Man and his instruments of death

A group of white men stand around their latest creation: the gatling gun. This weapon was created in 1861 by white man and was used to murder thousands of Africans and other people of colour throughout the world.

The sword. The cannon. The gun. The atom bomb. Warships. Tanks. Bombers. All of these instruments of death were created by white man.

Death on the ground and death from the sky. The white man creates death wherever he is found.

The exact number of human beings killed by the white man and his instruments of death will never be known but it is at least one billion.


tim bob said...

Hi Red, I'm not going to make much comment on this post, because I didn't find all that much that was humorous about it (hopefully our friend old iron will stop by to point out the funny points of this post)

No, I wanted to congratulate you on the comedy you continue to post over the the "Internet Movie Database" ( I have to confess, I think the stuff you write there is even FUNNIER than the stuff you write here (I know...hard to believe!)

Take for example, your thread about Obama selecting a "Non-African" as his veep. Here are some of your more hilarious moments:

In discussing whether it's even legal to select a non-American veep, you said, "I am not concerned about your Constitution." Ha! Very funny stuff. Anyone who didn't know any better would think you haven't got a clue about American government, if you think someone can disregard the constitution and get elected.

Speaking of Obama: "He is not an American." Big chortle on that one - try to convince everyone that it's not even legal for Obama to run for president!!

"Actually Obama does agree with me on this. As a historical and sociological advisor to the Obama campaign we have discussed the matter of Senator Obama's cultural and genetic ties to Africa. He acknowledges his African roots and understands that he is not truly American but African first and foremost." - At first I was disappointed with this wisecrack - I thought it was just the same old "I'm an advisor to Obama" joke, but the words you've put in his mouth this time are really funny.

This one here is great, because it's a good reminder, once again, that you're not really a teacher - no school district or college would keep on its roster a teacher who fails his students simply because they "become agitated with uncertainty": "I've had students like you in my classes. Arrogant sons and daughters of American and European slave owners who think they have an inate supremecy over the people of Africa. They come into my class, overconfident in their false belief that the white man is the master of all. When confronted with the truth they will become agitated with uncertainty and most will either drop out of my class or I fail them."

Here's one (from a different thread) that's really funny: "You are white and a liar." The joke here is this: since you can't possibly know, from an internet message board, what color his face is, you bring that up as a way of hinting to him that you're just making stuff up, and don't REALLY think he's a liar. Of course, over there at imdb, they typically don't pick up on subtle humor like that.

But I think the real winners are your posts on the "51%" thread...

"Africans cannot be racist." HAHAHAHAHAHA! That is so funny! What's really funny is this - the people at imdb have no idea that you're just joking, so they're all thinking to themselves, "Wow! This 'Truth First' guy has got to be the stupidest person on the face of the entire planet!!!"

"thousands of people read my blog." Again, hahaha! Sometime when you get some free time, let's get together and I'll explain to you about web statistics, and how you're misunderstanding them, okay?

"I do not have to answer to you." *snickers* This is the beauty of this persona you've set up for yourself - the internet is the PERFECT place to anonymously post made-up facts and then - as you've said - never answer to anyone for them! Great stuff!

I think you should set up a message board on your site, because it's when we get back-and-forth interactions going on like you do at that your very best humor comes to the forefront!

tim bob said...

Oh, and you still haven't told us whether or not you liked the new Indiana Jones movie.

Anonymous said...

Ok I admit remember which side invented the gattling gun, but assuming it was the North, then it was created to free your anscestor's ass, at least to most white men in the north, to the rest it was just to keep the Union together. If it was created by the South it was created to keep the Confederacy alive and keep black people slaves. No matter which side invented it neither side intended to kill blacks specifically with it.

Anonymous said...

Who cares ???

Anonymous said...

This is written by a professor? Scary.

Tim Bob said...

No, of course it's not written by a professor! That's part of the humor!

The truth is here:
Truth First Now

Anonymous said...

Wow! You don't mention the white man also has created modern medicine and most everything else which save the lives of millions of blacks every year.
White man also created the modern firearm which has saved millions of blacks over the years. It is a sin that so many blacks have taken those tools and turned them on themselves and their families.

Americans can only DREAM of a country where we look at the person and not the color. When this site looks to promote hate, we are not yet there. It is sad.

Anonymous said...

these weapons of the white man pale in comparison to the greatest and most evilest weapon ever invented. Invented by black africans.


Anonymous said...

What a hateful, racist post and website this is! I can only hope it's a parody or something.

Anonymous said...

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