Sunday, June 01, 2008

White sexual fear of Africans translates into fear of Obama

The white man has always feared Africa and therefore he created tales such as "King Kong"

"This image of Fay Wray and King Kong is from the 1933 Hollywood classic. I read this film as another allegory about the anxiety of whiteness, especially related to campaigns of lynching and castration carried out against African Americans. The film King Kong thus belongs to the tradition of Birth of a Nation (click for video clip), which first put on the silver screen blackface images of African American men attacking virginal blondes in traumatic violation of imaginary national and race identities. When the airplanes arrive to shoot down Kong and save the white goddess, we can hardly forget the ride of the Klansmen who come to the rescue of the white South in Griffith's film. Yet the sympathy of the film for Kong arguably opens up an opportunity for critiquing racism (see Cynthia Erb, Tracking King Kong)."

FROM: Whiteness Studies


Tim Bob said...

Ho Hum. I don't visit here to read you quoting other authors. That's just dull and uninteresting. I expected better of you.

You still haven't given us your review of Indiana Jones - that's what I'm really interested in hearing.

Tim Bob said...

But, by the way, it does amuse me that, simultaneously with your post that references "blackface", you're now showing images of Obama in "greenface"

And maybe that was the joke you intended.

Anonymous said...

Oops! While pretending to pray, Barack Obama accidentally pulled out his bullshit plug!

Anonymous said...

your actually the only one saying that king kong is a representation of a black man

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the blog author is being so insulting to black people, by comparing them to giant gorillas!

What a racist pig you are! I know plenty of black people, and none of them are at all like gorillas.

Get a grip, get a life, and stop filling the internet with your hatred of black people!

Anonymous said...

You have indicated that you are a college professor. Where do you teach?

Anonymous said...

You are only attempting to get traffic to your blog site with the comments you make. Racism will play a role in the coming elections certainly but it's not because of sex or gorillas. I do hope Obama wins, I will vote for him, and maybe we will change the victimization card you are playing. You personally were never a slave to the white man, although you are likely a slave to credit and the banks but so is every American. Maybe you should put your attention to the credit slavery, it certainly affects all Americans regardless of race.

Anonymous said...

"Racism will play a role in the coming elections certainly but it's not because of sex or gorillas"


Old Iron said...

Sorry Red, been some time as I was just checking out the rest of the continent that you currently do not live in but feel attached to.

Yep, that would be Africa.

They laugh at you over here too bud.

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