Monday, July 21, 2008

Interview with Barack Obama - Part II

"The promise and hope for change is hard to resist"

TF: During the past eight years we've seen the United States conduct a rather hostile foreign policy towards much of the world. America has attacked two Middle Eastern nations, resulting in many deaths, torture and the imprisonment of innocents. As President what can you do to correct these wrongs?

Senator Obama: As I have said from the beginning it was a mistake to go into Iraq for the reasons you cited. America has lost respect and does not have the creditability it had prior to the current administration. I intend to pull American forces out from Iraq as soon as we can. That's the first thing. What America has failed to do is seek justice. The current policy is more like a quest for vengeance, it is counter-productive. It has not made us safer. The war must end.

We have to work with other nations instead of alienating them, we have common interests and we have to respect them and we have to learn how to work with other nations. We cannot be sloppy and cut corners. The Bush administration has been undermining the virtues of America that will I plan to lead America by.

TF: So you will stop the imprisonments?

Senator Obama: The Supreme Court has ruled that what the current administration is doing is illegal. It is a shameful chapter in American history when people are picked up in battle and imprisoned without access to legal representation. This has not happened before in American history. I intend to restore respect for the law and for human rights. That should always be the end-goal in all U.S. policy especially with foreign policy. We have to show our best, not our worst characteristics.

TF: Senator Obama, the people of Iran are understandably concerned that their nation may come under attack. What can be done between now and January to prevent another unnecessary conflict?

Senator Obama: We must continue to remind the current administration that war is not the solution. Iran has not attacked us and Iran is not going to attack us. Why would they? They have every right to develop nuclear power if that is their wish and removing American forces from Iraq would relieve tensions considerably.

We must not be afraid of diplomacy, not just with Iran but with Syria, the Saudis, Jordan, the United Nationals Security Council program members as well. Once it is clear that we’re not planning to stay in Iraq for 10, 20 years, all these nations will have an interest in working out how we can best stabilize the situation.

"What America has failed to do is seek justice. The current policy is more like a quest for vengeance"

TF: Senator Obama, the issue of reparations will need to be addressed. As you know this is a key issue for America and a sensitive one. How do you plan to address the issue? America owes a great deal to the victims of slavery and what should be done?

Senator Obama: It is an important matter and it has been ignored for too long. American history is filled with tragic moments and it needs to be acknowledged. What has happened to African-Americans has shaped the nation we live in now and its not always good. I do feel the American should offer a gesture of remorse but also policies that make sure we do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

TF: Should America pay money to the victims of American policy?

Senator Obama: That is on the table. There should be some form of compensation and I hope to gather a panel to discuss it. We need a national discussion on it, some real soul searching. We can do something with tax reform and make sure that those who are at the bottom of the ladder get help from those on top. If you're making 200,000 or 400,000 dollars a year you can give something back to your community and not be affected. But you can affect other people's lives by helping them.

TF: Economic and social justice will clearly be a guiding principal of your administration. Can you speak a little about that?

Senator Obama: Yes, as you know the current regime as implemented policies, namely, tax-cuts for the wealthy while leaving the majority of the people struggling. I intend to see to it that the people have more equal access to wealth and they should not be denied basic services such as health care. The problem is that private companies and greed get between the people and their needs and rights and I would like to see government put an end to those barriers.

TF: You’re going to be leaving soon for a trip to the Middle East and Europe. What do you hope to accomplish and what do you say to the peoples of those lands?

Senator Obama: I want to send a message of hope and reassure people that America is capable of being better. We can be a just nation and instead of creating conflict America can extend the hand of peace and friendship. I want them to know that we can understand and respect their culture, values and interests and I believe we have more in common than it seems now. America has failed to live up to its promise but I promise to change that.

And like the American people they want change. They do not want to see another four years of what the Bush administration has been doing.

TF: No they don't. I know your time is valuable and before we end here I want to thank you again for inviting me onto your campaign. It is truly an honor to work for you.

Senator Obama: I appreciate your help and time. It never hurts to have a good teacher around.

TF: Speaking of which, my students – many of whom are actively campaigning for you now – were absolutely delighted when I told them that I would be an advisor to your campaign. During the past year you have been the most popular topic of discussion.

Senator Obama: Thank you for sharing that with me. That’s probably the best thing about this campaign, seeing the hope and excitement on the faces of our youth.

TF: What are your expectations between now and November?

Senator Obama: This is extraordinary interest of the American people in this election. There is a hunger for change in the country. And there's an understanding that we've got many decisions that have to be made. Not just on the war, but on health care, energy, education, choices that we can't put off any longer.

I think we’re in a pleasant surprise because the promise and hope for change is hard to resist.

TF: Senator Obama, thank you for your time.

Senator Obama: My pleasure.


Tim Bob said...
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Anonymous said...

my god man you are NOT his advisor
he did NOT say that Iran is entitled to nucleur power.
you ARE a dumbass

Tom in Calif said...

Barack is incredibly arrogant. He's inexperienced and not very bright. The man should not be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office.

Anonymous said...

I almost thought this website was legit. Then I saw reparations and "the white man". Great humor site dude, it's worth a laugh or two, but the race material is a bit old don't ya think? Maybe you could do something like branch into some midget wrestling humor or something a little bit more mainstream and...believable..

Tim Bob said...

Whoops! Red, you lost the link to your interview with me AGAIN!

Interview With Professor Red

marcus brody said...

Yawn. This fake interview with Obama is dull. There's nothing funny or interesting in here, and I doubt there's anyone that's even dumb enough to be fooled into thinking that you actually talked to Obama, so it's kind of pointless.

I think you should do a post explaining how racist the movie Hancock was! That would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

This is Barrack Obama and I approve of this message.

Anonymous said...

we need war in this country and beleive me its coming because you communists have succede in your goal to devide this country

Tim Bob said...

beleive succede devide

I'm in awe of your astonishing command of the English language.

Anonymous said...

Reading this make me want to vote for Obama because I want someone intelligent like this Obama and not four more years of Bush attacks on black people.