Sunday, August 10, 2008

Desperate to stop Obama, the white power structure targets African leaders

A white judge reads the false charges against Kwame Kilpatrick

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is under attack by the white power structure because they do not want strong African leadership in America.

As reported several months ago on this blog, the white power structure is desperate to stop Barack Obama from being the next American President. For months they have been attacking him racially and a white man was recently caught trying to kill him.

Fear is their tactic. Fear is also what consumes the white man for he is at heart, a fearful creature that lashes out at what he does not understand. He does not understand how an African man like Kwame Kilpatrick could be elected mayor of Detroit. Instead of trying to understand, the white man has lashed out at Kwame Kilpatrick.

The mayor was recently jailed on false charges of
perjury, misconduct and obstruction of justice.

Meanwhile, the African mayor of
Baltimore, Sheila Dixon is also being harassed by white people over "alleged" charges of misconduct.

This is all part of a campaign by the white man to destroy the credibility of African leaders in order to cast doubt on Obama.


bmuhitch said...

How was the jailing of Kwame Kilpatrick unjust? The man is being held on bond for other crimes that he's being investigated. The judge ordered him not to leave the country, and he left the country, therefore, he got put in jail for a night.

Kilpatrick is an embarrassment to the city of Detroit. He claims to love the city, yet he's costing it nine million dollars to pay for his trial. If he truly loved the city of Detroit, then why would he not resign and quit leaching the tax payer's money? Detroit is already suffering economically, we don't need to be further dragged down by Kwame's stubbornness...

Anonymous said...

Its all racism. Bush starts wars and kills millions in Iraq but he's not impeached but they go after this black guy

Tim Bob said...

Africans Are Infallible

Anonymous said...

lol... who do you think stopped the assasination attempt? the Black Bureau of Investigation? Will Smith in Men In Black? No whites and black cops and agents helped together... and by the way are you going to cite this? when did it even happen? or did you just make this up along with your other rambling BS haha