Saturday, August 23, 2008

The racism of Joe Biden

White Face: Joe Biden is part of the white power structure that opposes Barack Obama

The past 24 hours have played host to a series of disturbing developments concerning Barack Obama and his vice-presidential selection. I have advised Senator Obama on this matter and have made the case to him on several occasions on the necessity of choosing a fellow African.

As many of us know presently, it appears that Senator Obama has chosen a white man named Joe Biden to be his vice-president. The disappointment and shock that many of us in the African community feel is too raw to describe in any adequate manner at this moment.

Who is Joe Biden? He is a U.S. Senator from Delaware, a state with a long history of slavery and racial hatred towards the people of Africa. His family owned Africans as slaves. Biden has joked about this. In 2006 he stated that Delaware was a “slave state that fought beside the North. That’s only because we couldn’t figure out how to get to the South. There were a couple of states in the way.”

Biden also insulted Senator Obama by saying that Obama is the only African who is “clean and articulate”.

He has said that people from India can only function as convenience store clerks.

Senator Obama, I plead with you. Do not walk down this path. I risk my friendship and partnership with you but I have no choice. The people of Africa and the world deserve better. Joe Biden cannot be trusted. He is not on your side. He does not care about us.


Anonymous said...

This is without a doubt one of the most ignorant posts I have read in a blog. You need to get that racial chip off your shoulder before you call a good man like Boden a racist.

Anonymous said...

Who's Boden?

Tim Bob said...

I know we discussed (here) that it was a good idea for you to "distance" yourself from Obama, so your satire wouldn't actually harm his chances at election...

But I think this change to "boo hoo, Obama is ignoring me Boo hooo hooo!" is a bit overboard in the other direction.

I think it's a little bit too much too soon, and people aren't going to believe it.

Anonymous said...

This keeps getting better and better. If this is supposed to be deliberately funny, it's mildly amusing. However, if the poster is actually being serious, then it'd downright hilarious.

mustapha said...

I dunno timbob, I think the part about "friendship and partnership" is just priceless.

THe thing that worries me though, is after all these months of playing the role of a psychotic, raving, racist who incidentally happens to be an adviser to Obama (I still chortle every time I say that), it concerns me that maybe Professor Red is actually starting to believe his own persona.

Anonymous said...

see the thing is Obama isnt a racist prick like you. He'll choose a running mate that suits his political views and not based on their colour

bromhead said...

Agreed about boden,,B O should pick condoleeza or clarence thomas before it too late.