Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Racism of "So You Think You Can Dance"

"So You Think You Can Dance" has Africans wear clown-like clothing and judged by white people

"So You Think You Can Dance" is an American entertainment program where dancers perform live on stage. The program raises uncomfortable issues about race since it often has Africans perform before a white audience and they are judged by white judges.

There are unmistakable parallels to the slave auctions that took place in America not too long ago. Africans were stolen from Africa by white slave traders who put them on display at auctions for white people to place bids on them. The Africans were judged on their appearance and physical stamina, not too unlike what happens on “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Additionally, the program intentionally pairs African men with white women as a form of perverse racial sexual indulgence. The only African female dancer (known as ‘Comfort’) was voted off the program. This is symbolic of the destruction of the African family during slavery days when African husbands and wives were separated from each other and their children.


Tim Bob said...

HA! Oh, the irony, Professor Red! What a delightful post! Kudos to you. The juxtaposition of that photograph with the caption is just so very funny. Nicely done!

mustapha said...

Agreed! This is one of your best yet! Absolutely hysterical! I've actually got tears down my cheeks from laughing!

Do one about the racism of vanilla ice cream next! And hot fudge sauce! Oh man this will be great!

Anonymous said...

This had me going for a bit. I thought the guy was actually being serious, until I read the comments and realized this is a joke blog!

Tim Bob said...

Interview about racism in So You Think You Can Dance!

Gregoir said...

I'll tell you what's REALLY racist.

Daffy Duck and Marvin the Martian. I mean, really. Those are two of the stupidest characters, and they made them both BLACK!

Why couldn't the black characters have been SMART, like Wile E. Coyote, or Elmer Fudd, or Foghorn Leghorn?

Meanwhile, the bi-racial characters (black and white characters like Sylvester the Cat and Pepe Le Pew) are portrayed as stupid or stinky!

Anonymous said...

"Africans were stolen from Africa by white slave traders who put them on display at auctions for white people to place bids on them."

This is not true. Slaves obtained in Africa by slave traders were actually purchased from other African people by the traders.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever watch Roots? The white people went into the jungle and took the black people out by force

Anonymous said...

Okay this has to be a joke. You can't POSSIBLY be for real. No one can be that big of a blowhard, bigotted, hypocritical racist and not be joking.

But if you aren't joking.

I'm sorry but did you even NOTICE that the very picture that YOU posted has not ONLY a black person in a silly costume dancing but also a white person in the exact same silly outfit dancing? Never mind that it also appears that the black guy is slapping her ass with a stick or something.

How in the fuck are you getting racism out of this you ignorant horrible excuse for a human being?

They're at a dance competition, with white people as judges, one of them happens to be black and it's somehow racist?

You need a reality check.

Anonymous said...

Roots is dramatisation. Learn some history. Black Slaves were bought off African slave traders, and white slaves were often taken by Africans.

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