Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Senator Obama's choice for Vice President

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan should play a key role in the Obama administration

Very soon Senator Obama will be making public his choice for the person who will be the next Vice President of the United States. As I have discussed before on this blog, this is a critical decision for Senator Obama.

There are Africans that Senator Obama can choose and I have discussed this with him on several occasions. While I feel the Senator understands my point of view and what is at stake here historically, I am disappointed that he'll likely be making a political choice and not a moral one.

It is not likely that Louis Farrakhan will be his VP selection but he can be a key advisor to President Obama's administration. Senator Obama has great respect for Minister Farrakhan and I hope he will continue to play a role in his life.

Al Sharpton, Julian Bond, Kweisi Mfume, Maxine Waters, Benjamin Chavis Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Cynthia McKinney would all be fine choices for the Vice Presidency.


Tim Bob said...

Great piece of writing, Professor Red. And I think it goes a long way toward answering the concerns raised by the Washington Post when they did that article on your blog.

Washington Post discussion

Brendan M. said...

You racists are disgusting.

bromhead said...

Minister Farrakon would be wonderful,also chicago activist,,Algonquen J Reggin

Anonymous said...

It is not too late for president obama to change his selection. I realize that it may be bad for him politically but I can't help but feel like the choice of Biden is ultimately dangerous. Biden simply cannot understand what Obama brings to the table and I'm afraid his family connection with slavery may turn some blacks off. He should have followed your advice and maybe he still will. I would love it if he just came out and said "No white people will ever be this close to the presidency in my administration."

Fayed X