Tuesday, August 26, 2008

White plot to assassinate President Obama stopped

THE FACE OF EVIL: Tharin Gartrell, one of the white men stopped by NOI security

As discussed here many times before, the white man wants to stop or kill Barack Obama any way possible:


Anonymous said...

Technically he's still Senator Obama

Tim Bob said...

No offense, Professor Red, as much as I love the jokes you make on here, I find the one about Jesus a bit disturbing. I think it's because I'm a Christian myself, and I think the life and teachings of Jesus are a bit too serious to be poked fun at by using in a satirical piece like this.

I don't know if you've read the Bible much at all, but one of the reason the religious leaders wanted Jesus dead was because he fought so vehemently against racism. He was seen speaking with Samaritans (a big no-no) and he even drove people out of the temple because they were using the Court of the Gentiles (Gentiles being both blacks and whites) for buying and selling (and quoted the verse that says "My house shall be a house of prayer for all peoples.") This, along with many other remarkable things he said and did that offended the religious people, is why he was executed.

I'm sorry for getting on a soap box like that, but I just thought I had to put my two cents in - I really feel strongly that a man as great as Jesus, who gave up his life on behalf of the outcasts, the slaves, and the downtrodden, should not be used as a punchline in a joke.

That's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

jesus wasnt a black african, mary was an arab jew and jesus was an arab jew. He was brown. And anyway, he was killed for being a jew, not the colour of his skin

megan said...

You're 100% right about him being a Jew. That's indisputable. I assume the OP is having a bit of fun...nobody actually believes that Jesus was black - the picture that was painted of him as a black man was done as a way of pointing out that the teachings of Jesus transcended race. Of course, it would be pretty hilarious if the OP took that painting as proof that Jesus was black!

However, "he was killed for being a jew" is not correct. His death was incited by Jewish religious leaders, who certainly didn't have him killed because he was Jewish - they were Jewish too!

Anonymous said...

Calm down, Tim Bob. You're getting so caught up in the "jesus" thing that you're missing the gag: Red uses the term "black african". By using "black", Red implies there are other africans who are not and he is just specifying these particular type of africans... as opposed, to, say, the white africans. Therefore he contradicts himself when he says "Africans cannot be racist because racism was invented by the white man" because he groups all africans--not just the white ones. It's a bit satirical, but there nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I wrote about this plot against president obama on my blog and noticed something today that should have all of us thinking twice. It appears that drudge may be involved in provided go-codes (he may not even realize he is doing it). I can't be sure but anyone who saw today's image of white and pure palin next to president obama could see that his picture had half of his head cut off. It may be some kind of a go-code but I can't say for sure. What I can say for sure is that the conspiracy to cut down the man the white power structure is most afraid of is well organized.

Fayed X