Saturday, September 06, 2008

The African Roots of Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the son of Kings and Queens

Several months ago I was sitting with Barack Obama in his Illinois home. I had just joined his campaign as an advisor and this was the first real chance I had in a long while to get to know him better. He has an impressive study filled with books along with some notable pieces of African art.

My eyes discovered a particular item on one wall. “That is an impressive fertility cane,” I said.

“Excuse me?” Obama asked.

“The fertility cane,” I pointed at it and he turned and looked. “It is from Kenya, is it not? I see it is made from mvuli wood and it is beautiful”.

Obama paused and then spoke, “Thank you…I must admit I don’t know much about it.” His eyes gazed down at the floor, perhaps in the shame of acknowledging this.

“It is alright my son. This is why I am here.” I told him. “You have been in America for a long time and it has divided the African soul from Africa. This has happened to so many of us. But you can change that and I will help you.”

“I cannot thank you enough for your help,” Obama said. “I feel you can help fill a void in my life and help me find my purpose.”

“My son, your purpose is in your blood. You are the son of Kings and Queens and I help you find your African roots”.

* * * *

That was nearly six months ago. I enthusiastically joined the Obama campaign knowing that he represented a historical moment of redemption and salvation for all African people. There was no question that there was African royalty in his blood but from where and from whom?

I originally planned on taking a full sabbatical from the university. But I already had planned to teach a class on Obama’s campaign and the demand from students to get into that class was so great that I felt it would be a broken promise not to teach it this semester. So between my time at the university, my research and travels with Obama, my schedule has been full but it has been joyous.

I know that Obama’s ancestral home is Kogelo village, in Kenya. Many hundreds of years ago the Baganda Kingom stretched across the land in what is today Uganda and Kenya. This is where my search began...


Fayed X said...

Anyone who reads this should be careful. I don't know who this man is but I don't think he is actually as high up in the Obama campaign as he says. Take it from someone who has recently been consolted by Barack Obama campaign. He may be in the high levels like me but he may be doing a trick. Think about it!

mustapha said...

I think I'm done with this blog now.

bobo said...

I'm with mustapha. Finit.

Anonymous said...

ah, timbob, you have forever spoiled my enjoyment ofthis blog!!!

Anonymous said...

who is timbob?

elaine said...

Who is tim bob? Well, that's a long (and very funny) story. You can read it here:

Tim Bob's Final Entry

RIP, Tim Bob!

Fayed X said...

I'm sorry I had to pretend like I doubted you. I had to do it to reveal "Jim Bob" for the fake he was. He was commenting on my site like he was here. The sad part is that he thought he did something good by keeping people away from getting the truth. He won't confess all the way though and say who he is working for but I bet that his checks say GOP. Ha!

Tell President Obama to keep up the good fight and that I am behind him 150%.

By the way, this is another great post like you always do.

Fayed X said...

About your question "Who is Tim Bob?" I can answer that better than anyone but the professor I think. Soon his link won't work so I will put my answer up here.

Tim Bob (or Jim Bob as I call him - a name he hates) is someone that was so angered by the Professor revealing white conspiracys and just telling the truth that it drove him crazy. He couldnt make people stop reading the Truth First blog so he tried to trick people into not reading it. A little while ago I decided to try to trick Jim Bob and got him to expose his lies. Now he is completely discredit and shown to be a complete faker.

shirley said...

Farewell, Truth First. It was fun while it lasted. And kudos to Fayed, for one of the funniest and most imaginative self-deceptions I've seen in a very long time.

The two of you should be very happy together. :)

Long live Tim Bob. Death to racism.

$ just my $.02 said...

Company's and colleges have to hire or accept a certain amount of minorities because of affirmative action.

$ just my $.02 said...

Barrack Hussein Obama is unpatriotic won't hold his hand to his heart during the national anthem.

Anonymous said...

So, apparently you think Obama has "forgotten his roots" for not being able to identify a piece of wood. If he were white, he would be "ignorant and stupid". Am I right? Think about it!

Tim Bob said...

To the person who says Obama is unpatriotic: Actually, Obama does hold his hand to his heart during the national anthem. He has been photographed and videotaped doing so.

As to why he doesn't ALWAYS do so, in his own words: "My grandfather taught me when I was 2. During the Pledge of Allegiance, you put your hand over your heart. During the National Anthem, you sing"

I think it's always a very good idea to research before posting. Absurd and completely false rumors about Obama have been circulating around the internet, and people just gobble them up without stopping to ask what is true and what isn't.

JAB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fayed X said...

It is good to see Jim Bob finally supporting President Obama. I notice that he is a lot more humble since I exposed him.

Jim bob I hope thatyou will continue to come to this website so that you can be educated. Think about it.

elaine said...

Actually, I've never seen Tim Bob come out in support of any candidate. What I have noticed is that he comes out in strong opposition to stupidity wherever it arises. This means that most of the time he's pretty strong against the things you and Truth First post (because you always post such stupid things without a lick of evidence to back them up), but I've noticed many times (like this one) where he has corrected people who post stupidity in the OTHER direction.

He's like an equal-opportunity-stupidity-basher.

JAB said...

I am confused. Is this a real site or just a gag site?

Anonymous said...

wow this site is funny, with truth first and fayed X going on about white conspiricies, and everyone else knowing that they're talking bullshit

frank said...

"What I have noticed is that he comes out in strong opposition to stupidity wherever it arises."

You know, I never really thought about this, elaine, but this is one of the greatest ironies of all this: Despite the fact that he buffaloed a bunch of us, Tim Bob has always been more interested in Truth than someone who calls himself "Truth First"

Funny, yes?

Long life to you, Tim Bob!

Josey said...

"nice fertility cane"
That's what she said!!!

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