Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Alaska is the white man’s last refuge from people of color

America acquired Alaska in 1867 because of the white man's fear that Africans would take over United States. The grey area on the right side of the state is a defense perimeter zone filled with various traps and patrolled by a white paramilitary force.

Like Oklahoma, Alaska has its own unique ties to American racism.

The American Secretary of State William H Seward once wrote a remarkable letter to the American President, Abraham Lincoln. The letter was a plea to Lincoln to “take necessary steps to ensure the survival of the white race” Seward wrote to his President on June 12, 1861.

Like many other white men of his time, Seward was greatly concerned that the American Civil War would result in the freedom of the 23 million African slaves that were held captive in North America at this time. Many white women were already well aware of the African man’s superior physical and sexual stamina and the prospect of white women being drawn to the African man too much for Steward to bear. He was not alone. Lincoln himself expressed his fear that superior intellect of Africans would result in whites eventually beginning a “second class race” as he put it.

“My Dear President,” wrote Seward. “The darkness of our times has reached my heart and I cannot help but feel that we must take a dramatic course of action to save white men, women and children from the Negroe beast”.

Seward proposed that the United States establish a “fortress of white civilization” that no African could penetrate. The Oregon territory was considered but rejected as being to difficult to defend.

Alaska entered the picture. It was surrounded on three sides by frigid ice water. Imposing mountains and hundreds of miles of wilderness separated Alaska from the U.S. states. It seemed ideal and the Russians were willing to sell it to the Americans. Lincoln ordered Seward to make it happen and just six years later, Alaska was a territory of the United States.

147 years later it seems that Seward's dream has come true. Virtually no Africans or any people of color live there. Very few Africans are permitted to even visit the state and many who have do so have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

During the past 30 years there have been persistent rumors that the American government has been relocating thousands of long-range nuclear missiles to Alaska. I have come across several government documents which allude to a plan hatched during Nixon era to lay nuclear devastation to the region south of Alaska should the United States be “contaminated” by the “colored people”.

I have yet to find specific details of such a plan but there is no question that the American government has placed a high strategic value to Alaska. I find it curious that the military governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has been recently appointed as a future vice president by John McCain. This tells me that the American government has no intention of letting Barack Obama becoming the next U.S. President.


mustapha said...

Needs detail.

mustapha said...

okay, that's better...there's some detail now, and I like how you quoted a letter without referencing where people could actually look up that information for themselves. Really adds to the "conspiracy theory" tone of your piece.

Pretty good. Not one of your best, but kinda funny, so I'll give it 6 out of 10 stars.

tim bob said...

Well said, Mustapha. I like the part about Nixon and the plan for the US to bomb itself. That's great stuff!

Have you seen the movie "Conspiracy Theory" with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts? This is just the kind of stuff Gibson's character would have come up with.

Actually, you know, you should write a piece exploring the racism of "Conspiracy Theory" - I think you could come up with some good stuff!

Tim Bob said...

Sorry I'm back so soon, Professor Red. I was thinking, Mustapha is right about not posting references on your Seward letter...

But you did make one bad mistake in this post. You did make a statement that people can EASILY find references for. It is very easy for your readers to check the facts for themselves and find out that there are about 25,000 blacks living in Alaska. So maybe you should invent some other "fact" that is unverifiable, instead of saying that virtually no Africans live there. That way no one can prove that you're just making stuff up off the top of your head!

Just an idea.

mustapha said...

You could say all blacks who move to Alaska are being slowly, systematically poisoned with rare tropical plant untraceable by modern science.

That is unprovable, right?

Anonymous said...

I feel bad that your site is frequented by so many who feel that they must "expose" the site as satire. I am writing a piece for my blog on this Alaska connection myself and was wondering if you have heard about a parallel track that was also being explored by a secret group within the Confederate Army. It was led by Major General Harold Powell. Lee appeared to have some knowledge of the plan but was not directly involved. I have not yet pieced it together and can't tell if it is a myth or a true plan. Interestingly this plan was put together by an ancestor of Colin Powell who was himself a slave holding man of wealth.

Fayed X

Since discovering your site I have not posted a link to my site because I was recently shut down at another location. If it is discovered that we are congregating together there is little doubt that I will be shut down again.

Tim Bob said...

"I feel bad that your site is frequented by so many who feel that they must "expose" the site as satire."

I was going to reply to this, but then got to the end and realized this was your post! Ha ha! Nice one.

Anyway, Professor Red, as I mentioned before (and I'm not really sure why you're not listening to me on this), having MORE blogs is just going to confuse your readers - they won't know where to look to read your stuff.

Anonymous said...

WTF? White man has inferior physical and sexual stamina. White man has inferior intellect. And you say we're the racist ones. Stupid dumbass.

Fayed X said...

It appears that unless I post my website that Mr. Jim Bob will continue to think I am this Mr. Red he keeps attributing to me. I am not nor having I been Mr. Red Jim Bob! If you don't have anything of value to add please stop the speculation.

Tim Bob said...

What? I really don't get the joke. Why is this comment funny? Give me a call sometime, Prof, because I really don't understand what the point of these fayed x posts is.

Unless you're making a joke that black people are so dumb they think having a blogger profile is proof of identity? But that seems to be a tasteless joke even for you.

mustapha said...

Hey Tim Bob, I think you should talk to the Professor and ask him flat out if fayidx is him, or if it's someone else.

I think it might actually be someone else. Here's why: I don't know if you noticed, but he's decided to call you JIM Bob instead of TIM Bob, and apparently thinks that's a clever and witty thing to's the kind of thing my six year old and seven year old sons do.

And whatever else you might say about the Professor, his sense of humor is a bit more developed than a five year old's.

So do you think it's possible that the Professor is letting his son mess around on the computer? Maybe that's the truth of who the fayidx person is.

Anonymous said...

This is such crap LOL!!! Please tell me your *trying* to sound ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, that gray area to the right of Alaska? Dude, that's Canada.


SGT Dan- intellectually inferior white guy who can read a map.

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