Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our teacher has been wounded but he is strong

My name is Knowledge Burundi.

I am a student and friend of Truth First and our teacher asked me to post this message. Our teacher was involved in a traffic incident this morning. He was injured but he is in stable condition at the hospital. He appreciates your concern and support and he asks only that we continue the fight for the truth and pray for Senator Obama and do everything possible to help Senator Obama defeat his wicked enemies this November.


thelma said...

For all the time Professor Red has been posting here, he has never given us even a slight inkling that he's actually a real person with a real name, rather than a smartaleck posting satire under a pseudonym to tick people off.

So, no offense, I have a tough time getting emotionally worked up over this, considering after all this time I'm about 90% sure that "Knowledge Burundi" is just another pseudonym for Professor Red who is still sitting behind a computer keyboard, rather than lying in a hospital bed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I ran a search for Obama adviser in an accident and turned up nothing.

So, either he's lying about being an adviser, or he's lying about the accident.

I can't really see there's much point in getting worked up, since he's probably just making this up.

In a way, it reminds me of the little boy who cried wolf. If he'd been honest with us from the beginning, we might believe there really was an accident.

Racism Shall Not Survive

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha, good one TF

Anonymous said...

don't care

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

we all know the above comment was by you truth first. Countless times you've pretended to be other people to make it seem as though anyone else agrees with you

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, listen up. Truth First is a teacher so show some damn respect.

Josey said...

Was it the white man that crashed into him? I bet it was the white man.

Anonymous said...


Bionic1 said...

Hey, looks like you dumb pavement apes won't be getting any hands out from THE MESSIAH if he's elected.

The 700 billion $$$$ bail out of Wall Street just dried up most of NObamas 1 Trillion in promises.


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