Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The TRUTH is Barack Obama's path to victory

African Truth shall lead Obama to Victory this November

This past weekend I took part in an important strategy session with Senator Obama and his aides. It has become clear that the white man who use every dirty trick possible to prevent Senator Obama from becoming the next U.S. President. What is needed now, more than ever, is a resolute and firm commitment to the truth which will lead to Senator Obama's victory.

Obama is too important to be mislead and defeated by the likes of John McCain or his attack dog bitch, Palin. It is a gross insult to all African men that she is even allowed to mention the name Obama.

Like an impotent and false God, Bush tries to scare Africans with his hurricanes and threats of war. We all look forward to the day when Obama sentences him to justice.

Justice and the TRUTH requires that Obama wins this November.


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you fucking moron

Anonymous said...

I think my favorite Obama quote for this campaign has got to be the one about abortion being "above his pay grade"

That one cracked me up.