Wednesday, October 29, 2008

With Obama, the Sun will rise on America

"We are almost there."

The sun is setting as I sit down with Barack Obama, the next President of the United States in his hotel room. Obama drinks from a water bottle and leans back in his chair. He is tired but still alert after a long day of campaigning. His face is relaxed and content. “We are almost there,” he tells me.

Election Day is two weeks away. The sun may be setting on this particular day but it is clear to all but a few that a new day is beginning soon not only for America but for the world.

It has been six months since I joined the Obama campaign. Sometimes it feels like lifetime ago. So much has happened. There has been a great deal of traveling and I’ve seen more of America than I have ever cared to see. I am still astounded by how backwards and flawed this nation is. I express this to Senator Obama.

“I understand. Believe me, I feel the same way.” Obama pauses and puts down the water bottle and rubs his eyes with both hands. “There is so much that I must do and sometimes I don’t know if eight years will be enough.”

The McCain people continue to claim Obama is a socialist or that he will take money from plumbers. “They do not understand,” Obama says. “I wish sometimes I could just grab one of them by the shoulders and just yell, ‘wake up and get with the program!’”.

“Some people get it, a lot of them actually. They know what I must do. America is broken. Look at the rallies.” And he’s right. I don’t believe any of his appearances this week attracted less than 10,000 people.

“We have walked down a long path and I don’t mean just you and me. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, W. E. B. Dubois, they all started the path and I can finish it”.

I tell Obama the legend of Amon-Ra, a God of ancient Egypt who attains the characteristics of all other gods. “Sometimes you remind me of him,” I tell him.

Obama smiles and looks out the window. Outside is America; a land that needs a wise and just leader.

He is coming.


Oddo said...

I don't know how I would react if Obama doesn't win. It would be so depressing. Thank you for us us hope and insight into this great man

hillary said...

Why in the world did you delete my comment, Professor Red?

There certainly wasn't anything inappropriate or inflammatory about it. I just happened to disagree with you.

It is amusing that you deleted my comment and then immediately posted the "oddo" comment, to make it look like your commenters agree with you. :P

millie said...

don't take it personally, hillary. He's deleted comments of mine as well. You never know what he's going to do - sometimes he'll let people post the most outrageously inflammatory vulgarities, and then other times he'll delete stuff for no apparent reason. I guess - as someone else has said - it's part of the charm of the blog. ???

Anonymous said...

when people have reasoned and intelligent arguments, Professor Red is more likely to delete them, because he can't compete with a reasoned argument (in fact, he never even tries to!)

But if people post inflammatory and vulgar comments, he'll leave those, because THOSE comments make him look like he's taking the moral high ground.

It's actually a pretty clever ploy, for someone who isn't intelligent enough to make a reasoned argument about anything.

Ed said...

Fuck Obama, he's a racist Marxixt, sccialist half-witt! Just like the creator of this pathetic and obtuse blog!

Anonymous said...

if your really a campaign aide show us some proof. Maybe a picture of you and obama in a meeting.

Anonymous said...

"if your really a campaign aide show us some proof. Maybe a picture of you and obama in a meeting."

That wouldn't prove anything. I could find plenty of pictures of Obama sitting down with someone, and claim the person in the picture is me.

I'm actually amazed Professor Red hasn't done that - though of course he would run the risk of a lawsuit for impersonating an actual person if he did that.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit. You're gay for Obama!

Terry said...

Professor Red, can you tell us exactly what Obama plans to do with his "Civilian National Security Force"? He's stated it will be funded at the same level as the military, but tellingly has not indicated what such a massive force will be used for.

What problem do we have that is so pressing that would justify spending $500B on such a force?

Such a large force could all too easily be used to control political enemies and ensure that the civilian population remains docile.

Thermblog said...

this backwards and flawed nation

All countries have good and bad aspects but there are measures that enable valid generalizations and by many of these, America is a truly great country. It is certainly the best behaved major power that has ever existed.

To summarize the place as "backwards and flawed" indicates the myopic view of zealots.

Hands off my neighbour!

The Anti-Blogger said...

With Obama, the sun will set on the American Dream.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need"

Anonymous said...

Wow. You sure look white in your Picassa pictures. Did you have fun at prom? :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! What utter tripe!

Anonymous said...

Obama likes to link his name with MLK. There is even a Tshirt with both photos of MLK and O on it.This really annoys me. MLK and obama are light years apart.The National Black Republican Association is outraged by obama's attempt to link himself with MLK.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you write like this exchange actually took place. B.O. isn't going to be within 2o feet of some jive turkey wearing a dashiki straight out of an Isaac Hayes movie.

WorSt. FiCtioN. Evarh.

Now tell how you gave him a full body massage and lulled him to sleep by singing songs from "The Lion King".

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone vote for this guy? What has he ever done? I am not so much worried about the negative attributes (past associations or statements) as I am worried the absolute lack of positive ones. What single previous accomplishment would lead anyone to believe that he has the skills and ability to lead the most powerful country in the world? I can even understand voting against McCain – but where in the world does the adoration come from? What has Obama ever led?

Do we want a black candidate to win the Presidency so badly that we are prepared to accept absolutely any black candidate? When Obama wins the White House (which he will) his failings will become obvious. His inability to do the job we hire him for will set the goal of genuine Black leadership at the national level back 100 years. Black America in 50 years will view Obama as a giant step backward. All Black politicians (many vastly more qualified than Obama) will suffer guilt by association.

I will continue to wait for a real black great leader – not just the 1st guy with dark skin who happened to beat Hillary to the nomination.

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