Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spike Lee says Obama is pre-deortained to be President

The African director of some of America's most important films is correct. Obama is like a force of nature that cannot be stopped. Here is the link to the video of Lee speaking about what Obama means to us and his destiny.


millie said...

Tune in next time, as Professor Red tells us the definition of the word "pre-deortained"

Anonymous said...

Other Forces of Nature:


Anonymous said...

what the hell is pre-deortained? detained? ordained?

Anonymous said...

So an Idiot is endorsing another idiot.

Surprise, surprise.


Anonymous said...

"This is one of the most racist sites (African comments - not American?) that I have ever seen. I am appalled by the hypocrisy of the candidate and his supporters - it is just plain hate and revenge..."

Don't let Professor Red scare you away from voting for Obama...Red is not really an Obama adviser - he's a white college kid from South Carolina who is doing this for fun.

TunaAteMyBurger said...

This is exactly why Americans need to go out and vote for John McCain on Tuesday. Do we really want Farrakhan, Ayers, the PLO and people like this Truth First nutcase in the White House? Even if this blog is not legit it doesn’t change the fact that Obama is a far-Left radical. I’m willing to bet that Obama probably agrees with at least 50% of the crap posted here.

Craig McPeck said...

Obama is a socialist and wants America to be socialist! The reason Obama cant attack mccain because mccain has a awesome resume with experience and no friendships with terrorist...unlike obama has..the OBAMAMEDIA is biased and they clearly picked there guy 2 years ago and wont allow any negative talk about him...but just recently that has been getting out and Obama will lose come election day.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Why is it almost a universal truth (pun intended) that every rabid Obama cultist is illiterate, uneducated, and completely lacking in even basic intelligence or intellectual curiosity. Is it really impossible to gush over St. HopeandChange but still maintain a little critical thought?

Of course it is. If you were capable of thought, you wouldn't be one of the Kool-Aid Krowd.

It's as if your stupidity was pre-dortained. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow if Spike Lee says it is true, it must be.
(sarcasm off)

Remember, Republicans vote on Tuesday, Democrats on Wednesday