Sunday, October 26, 2008

White deception, White lies, White tricks

As I have reported here before the white man will use any and all tricks of deception to stop President Obama.

The latest example is the LIE told by Ashley Todd, a white woman who claimed that she was attacked by an African man.

History is filled of many such lies and deceptions. This is nothing more than attempt to lynch Barack Obama.

Some history:

A Portrait of the Lynching Era, 1880-1930
The lynching era encompasses roughly the five decades between the end of Reconstruction and the beginning of the Great Depression. During these years we estimate that there were 12,018 separate incidents of lynching where African men, women and children met their deaths in the grasp of whites.

Lynchings were concentrated in a swath running through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana: the region often referred to as the 'Black Belt'

Violence against Africans served four functions within southern society during the lynching era:

  1. to eradicate specific persons accused of crimes against the white community;
  2. as a mechanism of state-sanctioned terrorism designed to maintain a degree of leverage over the African population;
  3. to eliminate or neutralize competitors for social, economic, or political rewards; and
  4. as a symbolic manifestation of the unity of white supremacy
And killings continue to this day.


Anonymous said...

So why are you supporting the party that perpetrated all these atrocities? Do you not realize that the KKK was an arm of the Democratic Party? Do you not know that it was the Democratic Party that filibustered and tried to prevent the passage of the Civil Rights Act? Do you not realize that every inner city shithole has been run by Democrats for decades? Read some history, get a clue. Please.

Gary McGowan said...


What is your name? ... or alternatively, Why are you hiding behind an internet blog name?

I think this is a reasonable question to ask of anyone committed to truth.

Anonymous said...

she didnt claim to be attacked by an african, she claimed to be attacked by a black man.

Truth First said...

The original man is from Africa therefore he is African.

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously playing the Ashley Todd card?!? If you would bother reading/listening to the 'white media', you would know that she is a Ron Paul supporter who was a Paulian or, more likely, a dumb-o-cRAT plant.

Of course you probably still believe that someone yelled "kill him" and "ni**er" at one of McCain/Palin rallies, even though they have both been debunked.

Liberalism is a mental disorder, but this afro-centric, nationalism hooey is bordering on full fledged mental retardation. Do you receive disability checks? Or just welfare?

Anonymous said...

This is an amazingly racist blog. Very anti-white and all pro-African........My question is, why is there no balance in these blogs? Do you not see any deception, lies or tricks by black people? How will we ever heal with such hate, racist hearts?? No-Obama!!!!

Anonymous said...

My n-words peeps, vote McCain/Palin 08'