Saturday, November 29, 2008

The world awaits the rule of Obama

Obama will rule with African wisdom that has been with us since the beginning of civilization. He is the son of Kings and Queens.

Progress: N.Y. school renamed to Obama Elementary...and racism

NEW YORK - At the behest of its students, an elementary school near New York City has been renamed after President-elect Barack Obama.

The Hempstead Union Free School District board voted unanimously Thursday night to rename Ludlum Elementary School as Barack Obama Elementary School. The change went into effect immediately, school officials said Friday.

Officials for the Long Island district say they think the school is the country's first to be named after the first African president-elect, although similar efforts to rename schools, parks and streets are under way elsewhere.

Source: MSNBC

Meanwhile there is still racism in America to be eradicated:

Two African students were kicked off the bus in Mississippi by a bus driver who pulled over and put them out beside the road after they simply were talking about the new President-elect after the election. The female white bus driver put students that insisted on saying his name off the bus. A basketball coach from the same school told members of the team that they would be suspended for saying the name Obama.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Declassified documents indicate that LBJ ordered the assassination of Malcolm X because of JFK

The body of Malcolm X was quickly taken away by white police. Why?

Newly declassified documents indicate that Lyndon Johnson ordered the assassination of Malcolm X because out of fears that the Nation of Islam killed JFK.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving celebrates the decimation of the original peoples

Before the arrival of the white man America, like Africa was a land of peace and harmony

The white man holiday of "Thanksgiving" is a day of mourning for all indigenous people. It is a white celebration of conquest, war, oppression and racism. Read the truth about Thanksgiving here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Racism of Star Trek continues in new film

Kirk assaults the African woman, Uhura in the new Star Trek film

As discussed here previously, Star Trek promotes a future of white supremacy and African subjugation.

Star Trek promotes the myth the whites will be able to build a peaceful and advance society. It also promotes the lie that whites will be a majority race in the future. Current studies tell us that by the 23rd Century there will be over 6 billion Africans on Earth and less than 100 million white people. Yet the Enterprise crew appears to 99.9% white.

Star Trek also show a completely fictional universe where white man are able to establish peaceful relations with non-human races from other worlds. Nothing of the history of Earth even suggests that the white man is capable of peaceful co-existence with humans.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama confronts evil at the White House

"I could hear the cries of the victims of America in that place."

President Obama recently visited White House and met the man responsible for some of the worst crimes against humanity: George W. Bush.

I spoke with President Obama this week about his experience there. It was an emotionally draining moment for the young President. "Being in the White House was disturbing and odd", Obama told me. "We're about to have this legal transfer of power yet the symbol and home of that power is a place where all these illegal things were done".

"As I walked through the halls that place I could see and feel all the weight and presence of all the old white power. You cannot escape it. There was dozens, hundreds of paintings and statues of white men of power. There was nothing there to indicate that the majority of humanity is of color. I really do not know how I can live there or have my family there."

"I thought about slavery and I could hear the cries of America's victims in that place. If you listen, you can hear them".

As for the leader of the current regime in power Obama chose not to comment. "We will be making changes," he said.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Is the white man the Devil?

The white man is at home with evil

Is the white man the Devil?

This question has been asked repeatedly through the centuries. President Obama will face the full power of evil in the form of the white man in the coming months. This is will be an historic battle between good and evil not seen since the days of Jesus.

The crimes of America that Obama must address

As President, Barack Obama will be the chief legal enforcer of the land. Additionally, he will be the first legitimate U.S. President. He is African. He has no ties to slave-owning families, exploitive corporations, racism or any U.S. policy or law that has murdered or oppressed people.

America's history is one of lies, death, exploitation, racism, oppression, greed and war. Obama will confront this history and he will change the course of history by bringing America to justice.

The crimes of America are many and the most recent crimes include:
  • The Hurricane Katrina attack of 2004. Estimated number of dead: 5,000 to 20,000
  • The war on Iraq and Afghanistan. Over a million dead.
  • The poisoning of African communities by the CIA with crack and cocaine.
  • The campaign of political intimidation of African leaders
  • The creation of the AIDS virus to kill Africans
  • The economic terrorism aimed at all African peoples
  • The creation of consumer products designed to create African sterility
  • The murder of Khalid Muhammad, the leader of the New Black Panther Party
  • The assassination of Malcolm X

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama will abort this nation born of racism

The United States is an illegal nation built on racism, war and exploitation

"He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare, is undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions." - The U.S. Declaration of Independence, 1776

Is Africa ready for Obama?

Since Africa gained independence from European colonial masters, the US government has only sporadically paid attention to the vast sub-Saharan stretches of the continent. What attention has been paid usually has come in response to crises, both natural and human-made.

Let's face it: The US is the most powerful nation in the world. Decisions made by an American president affect millions across the globe. Pundits have been questioning whether America is ready for Obama. The question that should be asked is this: Is Africa ready for Obama?

The answer is a big "Yes". When Barack Obama occupies the Oval Office and White House on January 20 next year, he will move his father's native continent higher up on this country's policy agenda. In this ever-more-interdependent world, that would be good for both Africa and America unless corrupt or incompetent government officials prevent it.

We all know that the US' current foreign diplomacy hasn't worked. Part of Obama's appeal is the fresh perspective he holds on world matters.

Even before Obama announced his candidacy for election, he had already attracted attention, not only from America, but indeed from all over the world.

Africa saw a connection through his father. No wonder Kenyans claimed him as their own.

For all the whining over Obama's identity, the question to ponder is this:

Will a black president be more favourable towards Third World countries? What do Africa and the developing world stand to benefit from a black president?

Considering how popular Obama is around the world, particularly Africa, coupled with his naturally amiable persona and his solid international background, will his presidency see the end of hatred towards America? Or will it compromise his country's foreign and domestic policy goals?

Obama has already spoken about the responsibility of Africans to take action against "a lack of basic rule of law and accountability that has hampered the ability of countries with enormous natural resources".

"Ultimately, a new generation of Africans have to recognise the international community and the international relief organisations. The US can't help Africa if its own leaders are undermining the possibilities of progress," Obama said during his trip to Africa in 2006.

In his 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father, Obama recalled his first trip to Africa, when, in his late 20s, he cried as he sat between the graves of his father and grandfather.

By acknowledging that the power of the US is finite, Obama presents himself as a foreign policy pragmatist, one who is different from the neo-conservatives who have a more strait-jacketed view of the world.

It is always hoped that a candidate's words will match his actions. Obama has a wealth of words but, unlike many candidates, he turns them into action.

He does not have to craft the Utopia his followers dream of. He follows his own words. As he said at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, the American Dream is measured in "a faith in simple dreams, an insistence on small miracles".

Obama may be an idealist, but he is also a brazen progressive. By putting him in the White House, Americans have produced their most-liked president since Bill Clinton.

An American president with a more favourable outlook and appreciation of the ever-fluid and transient nature of global politics such as Obama is the political bandage that could restore the US.

The inner circle of foreign policy experts advising Obama is small but influential.

His advisers consist of three people who worked in President Bill Clinton's administration: former National Security Adviser (NSA) Anthony Lake and former senior State Department officials Susan Rice and Gregory Craig.

Lake was the NSA adviser during Clinton's first term.

Rice was the senior adviser on national security affairs and an assistant secretary of state for African affairs and a special assistant to the president at the National Security Council at the Clinton White House.

The Obama foreign policy team deals with counter-terrorism, the development of democracy, the inter-related matters of energy and the environment, global health, homeland security and nuclear non-proliferation, among other issues.

Obama is aware that if he wishes to regain respect in the world, the current brand of US democracy isn't palatable to everyone. There are certain rights every human being should be entitled to.

If he hopes to get other world leaders to the same table, Obama knows that he needs to lead by example. He has said that the US needs to come to that table with a closed mouth and open ears. He understands that America needs to listen to all sides, something the Bush administration has refused to do.

Obama knows that America can't hope to resolve issues if no one listens.

For Obama, open communication is a priority, without conditions.

The US must learn to share the world forum with even the smallest of countries.

Obama knows that every country has a stake in this planet we all inhabit.

He is a respectable leader to represent America to the world.America needs young blood in leadership. The US needs new policies in foreign affairs.

In Obama, America has not only an effective speaker, but also an effective listener. This is a major step in promoting world peace.

Obama may only have been a first-term senator with little Washington experience when he launched his presidential bid, but he understands that realism in American policy can be achieved without the risk of the type of power politics Bush employed.

Obama, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's sub-committee on Africa, has said his goal is not simply to dwell on problems, but to talk about solutions, too.

"These days, the challenges Africa faces are well-documented. The opportunities are less known," he said.

"When I visited an Aids clinic, what I tried to learn was not simply whether Aids is devastating in a country like Kenya.

"What I hoped to learn in talking to a nurse or a mother or talking to a doctor was what programmes are working to prevent Aids, to treat Aids."

Obama's mixture of African roots and political celebrity will, at least, call for new attention to those problems, a big step away from the status quo.

Africa has long been ignored as a national issue, even by the Democratic Party, which relies heavily on black voters during presidential elections.

That should change because Obama is a strong Democratic leader.

Obama's heart is with Africa. More important than Obama's skin colour and partial African heritage is that he will bring a change from the policies of the Bush administration.

He may not be a foreign policy wonk but he is up to the task of providing the far-sighted leadership that former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan had called for from America when he said: "The system still cries out for far-sighted American leadership."

Obama's race and modest upbringing in Hawaii are the most dramatic changes in a political society dominated by rich white men.

He has broken the stereotypes of the Bush administration.

The poetic truth of Obama - the son of an African goat herder - replacing Bush - the son of an oil tycoon - is sweet enough to give even the hardest cynics a toothache.

Imagine the Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe blaming his people's suffering on the American white devil under President Obama?

With his background, Obama is not a humanist per se, but he is not unreceptive to human interest policies, both at home and abroad, which will implicitly eliminate the need for animosity towards the United States.

Africa is ready for President Obama.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

America's New Beginning; President Barack Obama

The people of Ghana and all of Africa speak of Obama:

The historic election of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the only Super Power of the world, the United States of America, has rekindled the hitherto dormant dreams in all of us. In fact, the African can now feel proud again at this moment and rejoice in the day of the Lord.

Mr. Obama has demonstrated to the whole world and the African continent in particular, including the Shiabii and few bungalowbii that “you ought to dream big”.

The emergence of a new breed of Homo sapiens in the person of Mr. Obama, whose gift of oratory surpasses other forebearers on the political scene, is to tell those of us who had been dreaming ‘dreams’ not to rest on our ores but work hard to achieve our dreams.

God has his own plan for mankind, especially the Black man. The Black man’s time would surely come; and when it did, it came in a grand style.

Many African-Americans, as they prefer to be called, had taken the path Mr. Obama took to become the president of the world’s most powerful nation but did not succeed.

I can say without fear of contradiction that many past and dead African-Americans could have been far better than Obama in terms of intellectual acumen and other traits. He is therefore not a trailblazer in the quest to wield power.

Unfortunately for those dead heroes and heroines, their modus operandi in pushing forward a just society where the Black man would be proud to belong to the nation that prides itself as the hub of human rights, economic empowerment, opportunity for all and all the ‘kominini’ of human dignity, were skewed towards selfish agenda.

If you listen to such great orators like Brother Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Marcus Garvey etc, you hear and smell bitterness and vindictiveness in their cry. They tended to blame the ‘oyibo’ as the cause of their ‘wahala’.

Others had talked about compensation and retribution for the atrocities meted out to the Blacks in the early days of ‘Black America’.

Fortunately for Mr. Obama, he learned a lesson as a ‘student’ of history that by treading the footpath of racial warfare and taking advantage of the racial discrimination going on in the so-called ‘land of justice’ his fight for the Oval office would be short-lived. He therefore steered clear of that landmine and by the help of ‘Mawusogbolisa’, Obama is today a history maker and not history.

He demonstrated to his political opponent that no amount of ‘dirty’ politicking would dissuade him from marching on to the Oval Office to become the president that the world has been yearning for.

He is going to cleanse the presidency that had been besmeared with ‘hatred’ from ‘Omasa Bin Lady’, the twin brother of ‘Sasabonsam’ who has vowed to make the world ungovernable for the occupier of the Oval Office.

Yes, everyone dreams ‘dreams’ but what we make of that dream is what matters. Many people who have attained great heights in their various endeavours did not reach that height by a night’s ‘flight’. It was a journey of a thousand kilometers that was started some long years ago.

There are many of our youth out there who have ambitions of becoming ‘somebody’ someday. Their dreams could experience some jolts but if you persevere and fight on, the battle would one day be won.

Like Obama, who nurtured the dream of becoming the president of the United States and started working towards it, the youth should also consider the fact that achieving one’s ambition calls for preparation, character formation, spiritual development and other transformations that are needed to attain great heights.

The task ahead of Mr. Obama is as equally daunting as the expectations from all of us, but I know that with the trust in God he would deliver.

I profess that after eight years of reign Mr. Obama would become one of the greatest presidents the US has ever had, and may even overshadow many of the great leaders of America if he stays focused and does not allow power to ‘eat’ into his head.

Like the Israelites were also assured of the Promised Land by God and for a period that dream seemed to be far from being realized but eventually came to pass, it may take us years to realize our dreams but with the help of God and belief in Him, the small dream would become big.

Dream well but don’t dream ‘konkonte’, ‘banku’, ‘fufuo’ or ‘tuo zaafi’ dreams and think that one day, one day you too would become ‘Mr. President’ Cut your dream according to your head. Good night and sweet dreams.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama is ready to rule America with justice

The world has responded to the election of Barack Obama with joy and profound relief. Very soon, America will be pulling its military away from the occupied lands, disarming and will start the process of healing.

As President Obama has said, the road is long. There is much work of ahead of us but the truth and justice is on side. Every day Obama is President will be a day where America becomes less violent and more socially and economically just.

President Obama will end the wars, he will stop the aggression.

President Obama will end racism in all its forms.

President Obam will end hate radio and will establish a fair and objective media.

President Obama will end corporate rape and economic terrorism.

America as you have known it, will be no more. Obama is your President and you cannot stop him.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

How Obama defeated America

Obama overcame 500 years of white racism, the military complex and America's ignorant.

Friday, November 07, 2008

The world celebrates Obama

People across the globe are celebrating Barack Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential election. Some world leaders have congratulated Mr. Obama on his historic win, while highlighting some of the global challenges he will face.

Kenyans celebrated and their government declared Thursday a national holiday in honor of Barack Obama's election victory. Mr. Obama's father was Kenyan and many see the president-elect's triumph as their own.

From Palestinians in the occupied West Bank... "He stated clearly that he is against war and the man seeks peace!," Maha Ibrahim exclaimed.

...To Beijing, China. "Obama! He is going to improve the economy," Wan Guocheng said.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"Professor Red" is a white man's lie

Some of my readers have contacted me regarding this "Professor Red" who is often mentioned in the comments section of this blog. I will be clear: I am not "Professor Red" nor is there a "Professor Red". Professor Red is the invention of a white man or white men who are attempting to mock me and obscure the truth. They fear the truth.

Therefore, I will no longer allow any future references to "Professor Red" to be posted on this blog.

You may refer to me as "Truth First or as "Teacher".

Obama has defeated you and cannot change this.


Obama will bring truth and justice to a land that has never known neither

As predicted here two years ago on this blog, Barack Obama has become America's first legitimate President. He has much to do. America's crimes against humanity are many and it may take a generation to address them all but it starts tonight. The world celebrates today's defeated of wickedness.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Africa Rises!

Obama heals the world

The world awaits his return

Barack Obama will take his place on the throne tonight

"We are prepared if the election is stolen from us".

President Obama gathered his staff and key advisors tonight. He told us that, "we are prepared if the election is stolen from us". The President also told us that everything "is in place" in the event of election trickery. There will be mass gatherings tomorrow not only in Chicago but in other key American cities and "we will not accept any election result" that fails to put Obama in the White House.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

"We have a righteous wind at our back"

In the final weekend of a long race for the White House, Barack Obama promised to heal America's political and social divisions while rival John McCain fought to stop change and healing.

For Obama, buoyed by record campaign donations and encouraging poll numbers, it was a time for soaring rhetoric and forays into Republican territory. "We have a righteous wind at our back," the President said.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

If the white man can kill Jesus then the white man could kill Barack Obama

A two thousand year old depiction of Jesus in Kenya

Back in the spring of this year I was preparing to teach class when I noticed that one of my students looked despondent. He was normally upbeat with energy and with vibrant intelligence. "Are feeling alright, Tafari?"

"Yes, teacher." But his eyes told me something else. He continued, "I was thinking of what we learned the other day about the great Africans who were struck down by the white people. What if something happens to Obama?"

I paused. It was a question that lingered in all our minds like an unwanted guest. We didn't want to think about it but it continues to be a possibility now as President Obama prepares his administration.

"Be strong, Tafari. We are a strong people and we will always be a strong people," I told him. But I wondered if it was enough.

Thousands of years ago a remarkable African man traveled from present-day Ethiopia to the Middle East. His name was Jesus and he carried with him a message of justice and peace. By this time, most African peoples were aware of the white man from the cold north. The great African cities in Egypt, Libya and Morocco had been ransacked and largely destroyed by these strange beings. And they continued to travel south into the heart of Africa leaving destruction behind them. A large area of northern Africa was being transformed from lush farmland into a desert. (It is known today as the Sahara Desert.) Jesus traveled north to where the white man came from with the hope he could stop their destructive ways.

Like Jesus before him, Obama is a son of Africa who carries a message of justice and peace

But Jesus was killed. There were only a few whites who accepted Jesus and heard his message. And Jesus was killed simply because he was a black African man.

Now as Barack Obama prepares to cure America of its sickness and bring forth justice we wonder if it could happen again.

Obama is well protected, of course. He is guarded by the Secret Service but can they be trusted? They are techically part of the Bush regime and can we trust a group of mostly white men called the "Secret" Service?

Obama is also protected by NOI guards and with them, I feel much safer. During my travels with Obama this year I have noted that they are always alert and ready to defend Obama with their lives. They share a bond with Obama that is not possible with the Secret Service.

There are less than three days left. Three days till hope. Three days till justice.

And peace.

The election on Tuesday is a mere formality

The era of President Obama has already begun.

Three days to victory

African men are standing up, getting involved and taking control