Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Africa Rises!

Obama heals the world


Anonymous said...

by the way, don't forget that you were going to explain why you lied to all your readers about the Jesus picture.

Anonymous said...

Awww...so sad, Professor Red...after all your hard work, you didn't alienate enough Obama supporters to cause him to lose the election.

Better luck in 2012!

hillary said...

actually, the worst thing for Professor Red is that Obama's election proves him wrong. He has always insisted that the white man is so racist he would never elect a black president.

Turns out, after all his vitriol, Professor Red is the racist one, and he was completely wrong about the white man!

HAHA said...

THe fun thing will be watching this "black" man...raised by white, draped in their support, who has never felt the common "black" man's (self delusional and self imposed) plight destroy America.

If the nation survive, there will NEVER be another black president.