Friday, November 07, 2008

The world celebrates Obama

People across the globe are celebrating Barack Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential election. Some world leaders have congratulated Mr. Obama on his historic win, while highlighting some of the global challenges he will face.

Kenyans celebrated and their government declared Thursday a national holiday in honor of Barack Obama's election victory. Mr. Obama's father was Kenyan and many see the president-elect's triumph as their own.

From Palestinians in the occupied West Bank... "He stated clearly that he is against war and the man seeks peace!," Maha Ibrahim exclaimed.

...To Beijing, China. "Obama! He is going to improve the economy," Wan Guocheng said.


Cjones said...

I am so thrilled that America made the right choice in electing Obama. His take charge personality on the economy instills me with hope that a change has really come.

If you voted or suppoted Obama, help me and my friends fight the anti-Obam 2 million groups on facebook and join the Obama 2 Million Strong group. All members are changing their facebook profile picture to be one of Barack's until inauguration day. Learn more here:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there certainly is no reason to bother coming here if he deletes all comments for no reason. I notice he even deleted the comment by the guy who simply asked him if he would tell us his real name.

If he'll delete comments like that, is there really any reason to post anything at all? I think not.

merton said...

Thanks, anonymous. Believe it or not, I've already re-posted that comment twice. I think it would be smart for everyone who reads this blog to copy the comment, so whenever he deletes it, someone can repost it. :)

He will never speak the truth unless we force him to.

devion said...

Holy mother of God! I wrote a comment defending you against someone who was insulting you, and you DELETED my comment? What is your PROBLEM? Are you TRYING to make enemies???

Anonymous said...

oh come on truthie, tell us your real name, im tired of calling you dumbass, retard, moron, fool, liar, uber dumbass etc etc

Anonymous said...

"You may refer to me as "Truth First or as "Teacher"."

Oh, that is hilarious!

AfricanWarrior said...

We love you, Teacher for you are wise and you will lead us to victory over the white devil.

Anonymous said...

"We love you, Teacher for you are wise and you will lead us to victory over the white devil."

Good one, red!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


That's probably true. There is some pretty sophisticated, high-brow humor on this site, and I would imagine that stupid white people wouldn't get it any more than stupid black people, or stupid people of any other race.

The real question is, do YOU get it, or are you one of the stupid ones?

Hannibal said...

Yes his father was Kenyan, HIS MOTHER WAS WHITE!!!
Just yesterday he casually called himself a *Mutt* in an interview.
Please comment on this Truth First.

Truth First said...

Obama family is African. There was no "white mother" or grandmother.

Hannibal said...

"There was no "white mother" or grandmother."

I simply ask you to explain this,sir.

President Obama is of mixed racial back ground.

He still will be a fine president

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