Thursday, January 08, 2009

Obama will bring freedom to African slaves in the White House

Obama will bring this to an end

"A colored can sure make a good cup of dark coffee".

Those were the first words Terrence Ordell heard from Lyndon Johnson on his first day in the White House in 1964. "I was a new servant in the kitchen," Ordell now 68 years old recalls. "They told me bring up coffee to them and told me to make sure it was dark".

Ordell has been serving America's white Presidents for nearly half a century now. This will be his last year. "They tell me we'll have freedom now and that Obama is going to change everything. I hope so".

Ordell's father, Ulysses Ordell labored at the White House for over 30 years before his death in 1971. "My father was never allowed to leave the White House during the day, only at night. He said the only President that was ever kind to him was FDR because he didn't call him "nigger" or "coon" like the other ones did".

What does freedom mean to Terrence Ordell? "I want to see my sister. I hear she has three children and is a grandma but I haven't been allowed to go see her since 1975."


Rob Campbell said...

Well, I'll have to remember not to disagree with you in the future - I noticed you didn't allow the last comment I posted - just because I didn't agree with you this time??

That's pretty sad.

Anonymous said...

Are you imnplying that this Terrence Ordell fellow is being kept as a slave by the white house? If he dislkes the job so much then he should quit.

mac said...

Ah! Finally! Professor Red is back to posting stuff that's actually FUNNY! Nice going!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this idiot realizes that Terrence Ordell is a fictional character in an alternate-history role-playing game?

Anonymous said...

hysterical hooper x

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Professor Red knows that he's quoting a fictional character - he usually does a pretty good job of finding stuff like that and making satire out of it. The great thing is the number of people who never realize he's making jokes and get all mad at him. ha ha.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

if they don't allow the slaves to leave the white house, then how did ulysses find a wife and create young ordell?

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