Saturday, May 09, 2009

In Star Trek, the African man must be insane

A brilliant African scientist known as Doctor Richard Daystorm is protrayed as being mentally unstable in Star Trek

As discussed here previously, Star Trek promotes a future of white supremacy and African subjugation.

Star Trek promotes the myth the whites will be able to build a peaceful and advance society. It also promotes the lie that whites will be a majority race in the future. Current studies tell us that by the 23rd Century there will be over 6 billion Africans on Earth and less than 100 million white people. Yet the Enterprise crew appears to 99.9% white.

Star Trek also show a completely fictional universe where white man are able to establish peaceful relations with non-human races from other worlds. Nothing of the history of Earth even suggests that the white man is capable of peaceful co-existence with humans.

Star Trek imagines a world without African men

Where are the African men? Star Trek promotes a white man's fantasy where African women will only have white men to choose from.