Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama tells the world that "Africa is not separate from world affairs."

Africans celebrate the arrival of President Obama

Obama: 'Africa not separate from world affairs'

ACCRA, Ghana (AP) - President Barack Obama said his visit to Ghana on Saturday was designed to illustrate that "Africa is not separate from world affairs."

Obama said events in Africa do not lose their effects at the continent's borders and said Africa is a fully integrated part of the global economy. "What happens here has an impact everywhere," Obama said during a meeting with Ghanaian President John Atta Mills.People lined the streets Saturday morning, many waving at every vehicle of Obama's motorcade as it headed toward a meeting at Osu Castle, the storied coastline presidential state house. One woman emerged from a coffee shop to wave a tiny U.S. flag while others sold posters and T-shirts with Obama's picture. Many billboards lined the roads, including one that showed the president and his wife with the greeting, "Ghana loves you."

While the people of Ghana may be in a frenzy over Obama's visit, the president started his day with typical calm. Wearing a gray T-shirt and gym pants, he walked through the lobby of his hotel virtually unnoticed at 7:30 a.m. local time on his way to the downstairs gym for a morning workout. A short time later, his motorcade left the hotel, passed under hovering military helicopters and arrived for a delayed welcome ceremony.

Mills greeted his counterpart and then the pair went inside for one-on-one meetings. Selecting Ghana as the starting point of his black Africa travels, the president sought to highlight a continental success story.

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