Saturday, September 19, 2009

There cannot and should not be a white mayor of Atlanta

Atlantis was a thriving African civilization

Atlanta has a special place in the minds, hearts and in the history of the African people. It has become a capital city of African commerce, culture and political power in America. A white mayor would be incapable administrating to the needs and desires of the African citizens there.

Atlanta of course, is named after the African civilization of Atlantis which was a center of African language, culture and science.

The white power structure is once again distorting the TRUTH.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Van Jones under attack by corporate and racist America

Van Jones is a vital instrument in President Obama's quest to bring social and economic justice to America

The path to justice is almost never easy and it is never easy in America. For hundreds of years the white power structure in America has oppressed, killed, tortured and abused people of color and all those who seek to bring about social and economic justice. Van Jones is merely the latest example of this.

America is still under the influence of corporations such as Halliburton which do not want green jobs or progressive economic policy changes to occur in the United States. They have peddled lies about Van Jones and have distorted the truth.