Saturday, September 19, 2009

There cannot and should not be a white mayor of Atlanta

Atlantis was a thriving African civilization

Atlanta has a special place in the minds, hearts and in the history of the African people. It has become a capital city of African commerce, culture and political power in America. A white mayor would be incapable administrating to the needs and desires of the African citizens there.

Atlanta of course, is named after the African civilization of Atlantis which was a center of African language, culture and science.

The white power structure is once again distorting the TRUTH.


Anonymous said...

I hat to break it to you, but Atlantis is fictional. It has never existed. Ever.
Atlanta was origionally named Atlanta-Pacifica because it was the start point for an attempted railroad from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It was later shorterened to Atlanta. It has nothing to do with Alantis, which have I mentioned is fictional?
Also, the white population of the US are more literate, educated, wealthy and have higher average IQ's than the black population, so if any one is capable of adminstaring a city, it's a white man.

Anonymous said...

Stories abound about the naming of Atlanta. Here's one:

It was named by the Chief Engineer of the Georgia Railroad, and has NOTHING to do with Atlantis. Peddle your fables elsewhere, hatemonger.

Anonymous said...

Using your twisted Logic...there should never be a black president as that it was the white people who built this country.

Anonymous said...

The white power structure is once again distorting the TRUTH. == Distorting the WHAT? Distorting your fables!

It is truly amazing the stuff you come up with, "Truth" First! It's like reading the Weekly World News, that black and white tabloid paper. Everything in it is made up!

The sad thing is that you are successful in convincing some people of your fairy tales.