Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No one will be "unemployed" under President Obama

President Obama inherited a sick nation that was inflicted with greed, oppression, racism and social and economic injustices that are rooted at the heart of America. America has always had a permanent subjugated worker class. In the past, they were known as slaves. In more recent history they were called the "underclass" or the "poor" but they were oppressed peoples.

President Obama will see to it that this ends. He has put forth policies to ensure that corporations will no longer be able to operate without oversight from his administration. American's monetary wealth will be used to provide jobs and health care for citizens and President Obama will promote community service. In the new America, each person will have a role to play to make sure that no one is exploited and that each person has equal access to basic rights, food, shelter and opportunity to serve his or her community.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

President Obama must shut down Fox News now

Fox "News" is nothing but a source of lies and attacks on the truth. The pure objective of Fox is is harm President Obama. They refuse to broadcast his speeches unedited and they allow truth-bashers to appear on their programs on a 24/7 basis. They have attacked President Obama and all those who support the cause of economic and social justice. President Obama would be well-justified in shutting down this so-called "news" channel which influences the weak-minded and those inclined towards hate. This "news" network serves the interest of corporations who seek profit at the expense of the working people.

The world knows that President Obama represents truth and a better future for humanity. Fox 'News" will be swept aside into the darkness where it will die and be forgotten.

It is not yet Obama in the United States of America for many hopeful

After spending six months in the United States on a journalism fellowship, Sunday Monitor’s Rodney Muhumuza is convinced he was there long enough to see how progressive America is. However, as he writes here, the universal hope that got Barack Obama elected now threatens to take him prisoner:

Not long before I left the United States, I woke up, like many others in Washington, to the stunning news that US President Barack Obama had won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. Then, fighting the temptation to believe that the news was some kind of sensational joke, I proceeded to search the major news outlets for signs of excitement. Nearly every commentator seemed shocked by the committee’s decision to honour Obama, who had been nominated for the world’s most prestigious award just 12 days after entering the White House.

What worried me was that some of the shocked ones quickly moved from being surprised to anger, their bewilderment turned into a feeling close to abhorrence for Obama. One of the less angry ones found his sense of humour when he compared Obama to a teenager who gets a Porsche for his sixteenth birthday. “It’s wonderful but where can you go from there?” William Jelani Cobb, a history professor at Spelman College, wrote in The Politico, a popular online magazine.

The answer seemed obvious. The kid, given the keys to the Porsche, may summon the madness necessary to crash the car in the woods. What’s more, there is the question of what he should get when he makes 17.

Such comments satisfied the demand for instant analysis, but I also saw them for what they really were: a ridiculous attempt to demean Obama’s achievement. Why were some Americans angry that their own leader had been so honoured, that Europe was embracing America, and that they finally had a president who did not inspire hatred for their country? The answer lies in the fact that Obama, for all his motivational skills and political prowess during the 2008 campaign, still presides over a society that is still analysed in red and blue, in terms of liberals versus conservatives. It is easy to forget that Republican John McCain did not terribly lose the popular vote, which is a common mistake. And yes, it is the one fact that most Africans do not consider when they heap expectations on Obama.

If it is not yet Uhuru in Kenya, it is not yet Obama in America. That point was brought home to a sad reckoning when Obama took some fire for wanting to speak to American students. As part of a speech that was meant to inspire school children to work hard, Obama ignited a storm after his critics pointed out that many families were not sure they wanted their children indoctrinated by a liberal president. Wrong-footed, Obama had to fight hard to convince Americans that his intentions were good.


The hushing of the criticism of honest opponents is a dangerous thing

The hushing of the criticism of honest opponents is a dangerous thing. It leads some of the best of the critics to unfortunate silence and paralysis of effort, and others to burst into speech so passionately and intemperately as to lose listeners. Honest and earnest criticism from those whose interests are most nearly touched,--criticism of writers by readers, --this is the soul of democracy and the safeguard of modern society.

- W. E. B. Du Bois

Friday, October 09, 2009

The world recognizes Obama as a leader of peace and justice

It cannot be denied that the world has entered a new golden era of economic and social justice. An era of peace led by and made possible by President Obama.

President Obama is the son of Kings and Queens who ruled over the greatest civilizations in human history. The world waited a long time for the arrival of Obama. We did not always know what his name would be or what he would look like but we knew a son of Africa would return to restore light to the world. He is here.

President Obama is of such character that always sees a task to it's completion. He has an extraordinary spirit of inquiry such that he will always find the most wise course of action. He loathes greed and hate and he treasures truth and justice.

It is natural and is the destiny of historical truth that he leads us today.

The world acknowledges President Obama’s quest to stop American aggression

President Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize

Congratulations President Obama! You honor your forefathers and you have made all African people everywhere proud of your quest for peace and justice.