Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No one will be "unemployed" under President Obama

President Obama inherited a sick nation that was inflicted with greed, oppression, racism and social and economic injustices that are rooted at the heart of America. America has always had a permanent subjugated worker class. In the past, they were known as slaves. In more recent history they were called the "underclass" or the "poor" but they were oppressed peoples.

President Obama will see to it that this ends. He has put forth policies to ensure that corporations will no longer be able to operate without oversight from his administration. American's monetary wealth will be used to provide jobs and health care for citizens and President Obama will promote community service. In the new America, each person will have a role to play to make sure that no one is exploited and that each person has equal access to basic rights, food, shelter and opportunity to serve his or her community.