Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Islam is a path to the TRUTH

Can billions of people be wrong?

What makes President Obama truly unique and special as a world leader is his roots in Islam. Islam is the predominant religion throughout most of the world with over 2 billion adherents to Allah.

The connection between Obama and Islam is fascinating. Muslims believe that God revealed his final message to humanity through the prophet Muhammad. African prophecy tells us that a son of Africa would restore light to the world. This is not say that Obama is an Islamic prophet or has had a direct message from God. But Obama is clearly a son of Africa and he clearly is a man interested in the truth. The path he is taking America on is rooted both truth and justice. Perhaps that path is to Islam.

Obama has indicated to me an interest in returning to the faith of his fathers which is Islam. In any event, at no time in American history, has the promise of truth and justice and peace ever been greater than it is now.