Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Attacks on the New City mosque are attacks on President Obama

The President's enemies fear the truth. That is what they fear and they will use all tactics of deceit.

See Islam is a path to the TRUTH

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Russian Scholar Warns Of 'Secret' U.S. Climate Change Weapon

As Muscovites suffer record high temperatures this summer, a Russian political scientist has claimed the United States may be using climate-change weapons to alter the temperatures and crop yields of Russia and other Central Asian countries.

In a recent article, Andrei Areshev, deputy director of the Strategic Culture Foundation, wrote, "At the moment, climate weapons may be reaching their target capacity and may be used to provoke droughts, erase crops, and induce various anomalous phenomena in certain countries."

The article has been carried by publications throughout Russia, including "International Affairs," a journal published by the Foreign Ministry and by the state-owned news agency RIA Novosti.


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Monday, August 02, 2010

Our African Queen

Inspiring: An celebrity and pop culture artist is set to make his formal debut of a nude bust of First Lady Michelle Obama. Sculptor Daniel Edwards is behind the bare-chested replica that shows Michelle donning a pearl-studded afro pick shaped like an eagle placed in what's been described as a “Nerfertiti-esque” hairstyle. Link.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Five Years Later: The Bush Regime attack on New Orleans

Is the killer technology still out there?

The Obama Administration has been quietly but thoroughly investigating the Hurricane Katrina attack on New Orleans in 2005. The following has been established so far:

  • The levees were blown up with explosive devices. This was done to allow the maximum amount of water from the Gulf of Mexico to flood the city.
  • The hurricane was not natural in origin. Climate scientist have concluded that the storm’s force and size was simply to large and powerful to have been a natural occurrence.
  • The Bush Regime was involved in the destruction of the levees and in the formation of the “hurricane” known as Katrina.
Unfortunately much of the evidence and documentation of the attack has been either destroyed or remains hidden. When the Bush Regime failed in its efforts to steal the 2008 election from President Obama “they panicked and started destroying documents on a mass scale” one investigator told me.

What worries President Obama the most is the unknown fate of the orbital weather device that was used in the attack. Was it destroyed to hide the truth of what happened or is it still out there waiting for its master to issue new orders?

The BP oil spill was a terrorist attack against President Obama

It has become clear that the oil spill was no accident and it was a deliberate act designed to create problems for President Obama. And it was no coincidence that they choose an oil platform so close to New Orleans just five years after the Hurricane Katrina attack on that city.